How to start the day in a good mood: 6 foolproof tricks to get off to a great start!

Starting the day in a good mood has many benefits: it allows you to reach your goals more easily and lightly, makes you a lovable and positive person and helps you attract beautiful things and positive energy. That's right, an attitude full of energy and positivity can influence your days and help you live them to the fullest, allowing you to focus on the most beautiful aspects that we often tend to overlook and not see. But how to wake up in a good mood and start the day in a great way? Do not worry, there are some little tricks to get out of bed - even early in the morning - with positivity and a smile on your face and here we want to suggest you 6 ...

1. Listen to some music that gives you the right boost!

A good idea to face the morning with a more energetic air could be to listen to a song that you love and that is able to send you positive emotions. No sad and depressing news - you will think about it later! For the difficult moment of awakening, entrust yourself to the power of music and let yourself be involved in the songs you love most: you choose, as long as they give you the right energy and transmit pleasant sensations.

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2. Give yourself a nice shower to start off on the right foot

Yes, we know that in the morning we tend to save every minute in order to delay the alarm time and sleep as much as possible, but getting out of bed and expecting to be activated suddenly is perhaps asking a little too much of yourself. Instead, learn to give yourself a few minutes to wake up gently: you are not an automatic switch! And what's better than a nice shower? Shower gel with an intoxicating scent, background music and then a moisturizer to spread all over the body. You'll see, you'll feel regenerated in an instant and ready to face the morning in the best possible way.

3. Listen to an encouraging thought every morning that will give you a good mood!

Do you know that words have immense power over our psyche? So why not exploit its potential to take advantage of it in our daily life? A good way to wake up in a good mood is to treat yourself to some encouragement pills every morning that give us the right boost and help us get the best out of ourselves, making us start with a winning attitude. But how to do it? It's very simple: every morning, when you wake up or while you're getting ready to go out, you can listen to My Daily Boost, the audio program aimed at women that alfemminile has created in collaboration with Amazon, on the occasion of the launch in Italy of Alexa, a voice service based on Amazon's cloud, able to interact with you through the Amazon Echo device and perform a variety of activities on demand.

The My Daily Boost daily skill offers daily self-love and personal encouragement pills based on different themes, treated with positivity and lightness, with the aim of making you feel good about yourself and help you bring out the best in yourself. Every morning you will be able to listen to messages of encouragement and personal empowerment, ironic and light-hearted phrases and style and life advice on various themes of the female world, from the lightest to the most important. The voice of Sara Stevanato, the creator of Monnalisa, will tell you about them, a successful podcast entirely dedicated to the female world that offers interviews with famous and not famous women, of whom she talks about tastes, curiosities and very personal visions of the world full of suggestions.
To start your My daily boost and thus receive your daily pill that will color your day, just ask Alexa and she will answer you instantly! Easy, right?

4. Don't forget to have breakfast!

Take the time to have a proper breakfast in the morning: it is one of the most effective tricks to wake up in a good mood and start off on the right foot. Avoid having a quick coffee or munching on two cookies on the fly while you get dressed: breakfast is the most important meal and, as such, deserves the right care. Choose the foods you love and enjoy your moment, enjoying it in complete tranquility. Whether it's a low-fat yogurt with fruit, chocolate biscuits, a croissant or a slice of cake, you choose: anything that allows you to satisfy the palate, guarantee you the right energy to face the morning and leave with a good dose of positivity and lightness.

5. Set a goal

There is nothing more depressing than getting out of bed without having a specific goal in our day. Whether it is challenging or futile, professional or personal, in short, everything is worth as long as you have a small goal to reach to commit your day in the way. more profitable and concrete as possible. You will see, you will be more motivated and pushed to get out of bed with conviction and desire to do. Even some healthy shopping, an "outing with a" friend who hasn't been seen for some time or a lesson in the gym they can be worth, the important thing is to have a small goal to cross that helps you to fully live your day, with determination and positive charge.

6. Do physical exercise or meditation

Another way to get better in the morning and start the day in a good mood is to devote yourself to some physical activity or to practice meditation. These are exercises that are good for the body and mind and predispose us to face with greater balance and harmony the commitments of the day. You can opt for a bit of jogging, if you love being outdoors and let yourself be awakened by the crisp morning air, if instead you are a "lover of intimate spaces and domestic atmospheres, choose some exercises of stretching or toning or yoga, a perfect discipline to infuse well-being and harmony in our body and reconcile us with the universe, making us leave with the right attitude. As we said, meditation is also an "excellent practice to start the morning in a good mood and with the right spirit: it allows us to focus on the positive aspects of our life and to grasp only the beauty, eliminating negative feelings, resentment and dissatisfaction.