How to understand if he liked making love (and not only)

How to understand if he liked making love is certainly not an easy task. Fortunately, men and women are not the same.
If we often tend to communicate what we like too much, and we refer precisely to the period preceding our birthday and we play at throwing subliminals, most of the time they seem like impregnable forts and there is no way to understand what they think. or what they feel. Even after a simple kiss (which is not that simple) ...

There are dozens of possible scenarios and, each of these, takes into consideration a different him. How to know if he liked it, considering that it is a man you have recently met? Or, how does a man in love behave in bed, right now when we fear our relationship isn't as rosy as it was before? And if we decide to try something new, how to prevent our other half from disappearing by condemning us to the waltz of the "I wait or call him?'

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How to understand if he liked making love: some signs

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In relationships, dialogue is certainly the most precious ally we have, it is thanks to words that we have the certainty of knowing whether we are acting in the best way or not.
When it comes to love and sex, however, we enter the field of the unspoken and it is precisely in these cases that we must be attentive in order to understand if he liked it, if we both liked it or if it was just us.

How to tell if he liked the kiss

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There are those who have defined the kiss as "a pink apostrophe" and those who have a much less romantic vision of it. One thing is certain: not all kisses are the same.
In general, the "perfect lip match must" be like a cherry, one pulls the other, accompanied by some tricks that your he will like so much. It starts slowly then the mouths open, the hands slide first on the hair and then on the hips ... and then you are sure that he liked the kiss because he was ready to go beyond the simple chat.
To understand if a kiss has worked, it is important to know how the person you are with is looking at you. In most cases, in fact, arousal causes mydriasis, or dilation of the pupil, and this is a sign of a successful kiss.

How to understand if he liked making love

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Making love is an extremely intimate activity, you make yourself vulnerable and yet, most of the time, you end up feeling invincible together.
To understand if he enjoyed making love with you, there are signs that go beyond his orgasm, and that can be checked without having to investigate too much.
If the pleasure experienced is very intense, for example, goose skin is frequent and, since sexual activity is energy-intensive, this is accompanied by an increase in heartbeat and sweating.

In addition to the physiological reactions, such as increased erection or stiffening of the limbs, it is also good to consider what happens immediately after sex. If he stays in bed to cuddle you you will have realized that in addition to having liked love, he cares about you and, perhaps, there could be something more than just sex, especially if yours is a casual relationship.
If he tends to run away as soon as he is satisfied with his performance instead, either something has gone wrong or he is simply a person that it is good to let go because a man is defined as such only when he realizes that, between the sheets, no one wins alone .
Or rather, winning alone is possible and also very, very fun, but when you have read in two it is always good to remember it.
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