3 ways to fight "smartphone addiction"

Controlling the smartphone is now an automatic gesture that we don't even realize. We take our mobile phone out of our pocket or bag and find ourselves scrolling through the Instagram feed without looking for anything in particular, until we stop to watch videos like this and make sense of our browsing on social networks:

It happens to leave the keys at home but it is almost impossible to go out without a mobile phone because, without him, we feel lost.
How can we abandon this addiction that risks making us lose the sense of reality? Here are three easy ways to do it!

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1. Out of sight ...

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People who are on a diet will hardly buy sweets they know are not allowed because, seeing them, they could make an exception to the rule.
If you are working, or cooking, or doing anything that does not involve using the phone, leave it in a different room or put it in a remote pocket of your purse. Sure, with the phone away it might take you a few seconds to retrieve it and taking panic photos, but in the long run it will be worth it!

2. Create "no phone zones"

There are areas where, rightly, you cannot smoke: why don't you invent areas where it is better not to use the telephone? In addition to this, identify time slots in which to let go of the smartphone and remember to never sleep with the phone under the pillow or too close to the bed.
Ok reach it quickly in an emergency, but with the phone away from you you will sleep infinitely better!

3. Erase what hurts you the most

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Oscar Wilde said that "the only way to resist temptation is to yield to it", but that doesn't work when within a" hour we find ourselves looking at 17 photos of pandas hugging zookeepers ... Delete the apps that have a detrimental effect on you and keep the ones that are really useful. Keep accounts so you can check them from your desktop whenever you feel like it and make your phone a phone again: useful for a million things but essential for messages and phone calls.

At first, watching Instagram from your PC will be rather uncomfortable but one step at a time you will be able to take back your life and not go crazy when the charge drops below 10%!

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