Gray hair on women: why the silver look is in fashion

Gray is the latest trend in terms of hair styling, so much so that even Pantone has decreed the "Ultimate gray color of the year 2021". Silvery shades and ad hoc lightening appear on the heads of women, who are more and more at ease in showing off their hair. totally silver. Let's find out the most suitable cuts to wear this color and how to take care of it even at home. By the way, watch this video before doing the color!

Gray hair is the new beauty trend

Gray hair is definitely the latest trend in hair styling. With their silvery and white shades, they make the face immediately brighter and give personality to even the most boring look. some time: Lady Gaga, Dua Lipa and Kylie Jenner are just some of the loyalists of the granny look, whose love is evident from the numerous photos and images that they retrieve them. However, even in the streets of our cities it happens more and more often to meet very young girls who proudly wear completely silver hair. While once, in fact, the color gray was a shade reserved only for the middle-aged woman, now it is no longer the case.

The trendiest shade is called titanium silver and it is an extremely cold metallic silver color made even more particular by the so-called ash shades, which combine very well with the colored ones in shades (always strictly cold) of pink and blue. . Among the techniques most used by hairdressers to achieve gray c "is gray blending, that is a game of shades based on the same process of balayage that allows you to have a very gradual and nuanced color without color breaks. Like all coloring treatments, however, even gray blending needs some attention, starting from the choice of styling products (strictly anti-yellow) and from that of the cut.

© GettyImages gray hair woman: in order not to show more years, the ideal is to play on the shades of gray in order to enhance their natural beauty, shouting "get the look with the gray hair"

Gray blending is based on the use of a mixture of very cold silvery and blond pigments to be used in combination with warmer and more natural shades. lightening and color games with the shadowing technique to be done in the salon. To go from your natural color to total gray through lightening it takes about six months but if you want to leave the hairdresser immediately gray, you must necessarily opt for bleaching .

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The perfect cuts for the woman who wants to dare gray hair

For women who want to show off a silvery hair, the ideal is a cut that is not too long and well defined. Jane Fonda with the pixie hairstyle has paved the way for thousands of supporters of gray, as has Meryl Streep with her super short cut. in "The devil wears Prada". In general, women over 50 and 60 should focus on youthful and lively hairstyles to lighten the whole and give brightness. In fact, if they are not always hyper-groomed, long and gray hair risks looking sloppy and neglected.

Gray is a shade that is good for many complexions but, before choosing to color the entire hair with this color, in order not to risk making mistakes, it is better to look for some photos or some images as inspiration. Scrolling through the images, in fact, one realizes that those with a cold undertone skin should orient themselves on light, almost silvery, silver or ice white colors; while those with a rosy complexion can stick to warmer shades or dare with unexpected touches of "crazy" colors such as pink, lilac or blue.

© GettyImages gray hair woman: the beauty of women does not go according to the years they show, that's why the gray dye is in fashion

Tips for treating gray hair

To keep your silver hair bright you need to take care of your hair in the right way. In fact, gray hair tends to be drier and more fragile, also because it has generally undergone lightening and bleaching that have weakened it. For this reason they should be fed with ad hoc products such as moisturizing and illuminating masks, serums and balms. Better to prefer products with a specific anti-yellow action in order to extinguish the tendency towards this nuance and enhance the cold silver of the hair.

© GettyImages Gray Hair Woman: Short hair enhances the natural beauty of women's gray hair

How to go from your natural hair color to gray

There are many women who no longer want to be slaves to dye at any cost. Those who have dyed their hair for years know it: keeping your hair always in order and in the right shade of colors without regrowth can become, in the long run, a nightmare. That's why there are many who have decided to give up on dyes, both homemade and in the salon, to embrace a more natural and truthful look. The transition from your natural hair color to white hair, however, is not that simple. Furthermore, natural gray or white hair tends to be dry and brittle, so it requires specific care and products in order not to risk the straw effect.

The first thing to do, to avoid the regrowth several centimeters long that immediately gives a modest air, is to cut the hair short. On the net (on Instagram or Pinterest) there are many photos and images of women with gray hair : they can be used as a source of inspiration to take to the hairdresser to have a reference of the look we would like to replicate.

© GettyImages gray hair woman: when the years go by you can leave your hair natural, the motto in this case is get the look with the granny style!

To get a fantastic gray color the ideal is to go to a hairdressing salon, however, when time is scarce or you don't have the opportunity to go there, you can try to replicate the "go with the silver" look even at home. In this case, however, it is better to follow a tutorial accompanied by numerous images that illustrate the steps to be done. First of all you need to use one of the many bleaching products that are on the market.
This must be activated with 30-volume hydrogen peroxide and a silver-gray toner, all after applying the bleaching agent over the entire length of the hair.

The bleach will then be kept on for at least 20 minutes on the roots and another 20 minutes on the lengths. After this time (which is not fixed but depends a lot on the base color) it will be necessary to rinse the hair well and proceed to shampoo. Once you have worked all the lengths up to the end, you end up applying the toner in the colors of gray, which must be kept on for half an hour. As always, the rule is to use specific products for colored hair that counteract the yellow effect on the hair.

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