Traveling by plane when pregnant: up to what month can you take the plane?

Is it risky to take a plane while pregnant? Up to what month or from what month onward can it become so? Are we sure that we can travel by plane without the baby in any danger? These are just some of the many questions that an expectant mother will ask herself. it raises, for fear of harming the health of the child, but also to his own. And if often with the precautions one exaggerates (and so with the paranoia), certain questions are more than legitimate on the part of a pregnant woman!

If you are afraid of not being able to travel by plane because you are pregnant, know that it is not recommended during the entire period of pregnancy and that indeed - if the doctor who follows you does not find any contraindications related to your specific health - you can fly for good. part of your gestation without any problem! Continue reading and find out immediately with us up to what month you can safely take a plane and the tips to do it safely. First, however, here is a video about the things that you really don't must be done during pregnancy!

Up to what month can you travel by plane when you are pregnant?

If you are pregnant, you can safely take a plane up to 36 weeks, 32 if you are expecting twins. These are the commonly accepted guidelines for avoiding the risk of premature births during the flight. It would also be good to limit yourself to travel no longer than four hours of flight and always ask for confirmation from your gynecologist. For those who have already had problems during pregnancy and suffer or have suffered from bleeding it will be better to avoid.

Most airlines stick to the 36-week limit, but there may also be specific variations that you should always check: some companies, for example, require a doctor's certificate certifying the good health of the mother and baby as early as 28 weeks onwards, or other specific documents. Always inquire before leaving!

Up to 36 weeks, if your pregnancy goes well, you don't have to worry. Science has proven that flying does not increase the risk of miscarriage or premature birth. The legends must also be dispelled that the security checks are dangerous for the health of the child (think of the radiation emitted by metal detectors, completely harmless), or the same radiation emitted during the flight: if it is a flight every now and then, nothing is happening! There could be problems if you have to fly very frequently, and in that case contact your doctor once again for clarification on your specific case. The same changes in pressure or humidity inside the cabin during the flight are not a health problem either for you or for the little one.

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Is flying during pregnancy in the first few weeks or in the first three months dangerous?

As we have seen, traveling by plane in the first weeks or the first three months of pregnancy is not dangerous, if your specific case does not present complications. There are no contraindications to taking a plane, nor side effects. As a result, you can be more than comfortable!

The best time to fly if you are pregnant is the second trimester of pregnancy, when nausea is a distant memory and the risk of miscarriages or premature births is very low. If you have the possibility to choose when to plan your trip, focus on this period!

Tips for traveling by plane during pregnancy

Traveling by plane while pregnant, as we have seen, is quite safe, but there are factors that you must always take into consideration, especially if the journey is long: you will be sitting in a confined space, which increases the risk of deep vein thrombosis. which pregnant women are already more likely to suffer from. The chance of it happening if you don't have any further health problems (such as high blood pressure or obesity) is still slim, but there are some things you can do so you are not in any danger!

First of all, travel comfortably, avoiding tight clothes and shoes, to help circulation. Reserve a seat on the aisle side, so you can get up every now and then for a walk and, when sitting, move your feet and ankles at least every half hour! Stay hydrated as much as possible and don't consume alcohol or caffeine. Keep the seat belt under your belly or on your hips and remember to always check where the hospitals are at your destination or where your vacation will take place.

With a little attention, everything can be done, even with a baby bump! Look for example how many actresses worked on set while they were pregnant:

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