5 signs to understand if he cheats on you ... online!

Betrayal is a terrible thing to do and also to discover. If physical betrayal has always existed, and it has always been related to mental betrayal, today there is a new type of betrayal: the virtual one, or online. This type of betrayal is consumed through sexting or real love relationships: through hot messages, accompanied by photos, and maybe even video chat. A real betrayal, without physical contact, of course, but which in any case calls into question trust and respect for the couple, and in any case a betrayal that is difficult to overcome. Especially since those who cheat once, even if they are happy as a couple, will have a tendency to do it again. See why and then read the 5 signs to understand if he is in a virtual relationship:

1. When he's with you, his mobile phone is always upside down

Be careful how you position your cell phone in your presence. In fact, notifications appear on the screen, and are always visible. For this reason, those who have something to hide often prefer to have their mobile phone with the screen facing downwards, in order to avoid the possibility of viewing by external eyes. This could be a sign, especially if you notice this attitude every time you are together.

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2. His social networks are absolutely off-limit for you

There is no way you can check Whatsapp, Messenger, Facebook or Instagram notifications in your presence. If by any chance you are looking for an event, a person, or anything on social media, it always pushes you to use the phone. In short, his social networks are off-limit for you: he doesn't want you to have any access to his stuff. Privacy is okay, but you're not asking them for the password, so a little excessive, right?

3. Use your pc or cell phone even late at night

The office work brought home can also stay there. The evening skipped for an urgent delivery that binds him to the PC, it can also stay. But some nights when you surprise him with a mobile phone, PC, iPad and various unspecified activities ... this yes that could be mysterious. That is the moment in which you are authorized to ask a few questions too many and yes, to be suspicious too. After all, traitors leave signs, just know them!

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4. While using his devices he ignores you completely or is always distracted

Browsing Stories while you talk could also be a "passable, albeit not very polite activity. But at least, while he is interested in the message boards of others, at least he listens to you! engaged in another conversation, which he does not make you participate in, well then he is hiding something from you.

5. Post many photos of yourself

He's never been a shy guy, or someone who only posted art photos, okay. But lately he seems oddly active on social media, showing off his new abs or his best smile? This could be a rye. All of them. we know that when you are looking you become more appetizing and attractive: why should it be different for a man? The problem is if he turns out to be looking, while he is already busy with you!

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Cheating is terrible, but when it happens it could mean that there is better in the air, for example ... there are circumstances in which the betrayal has led to the revealing of new great loves:

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