3 things you should NEVER do before making love

Making love is one of the most natural and healthy activities in the world, and we can practice it anywhere, whether it's a nice hot shower together, maybe in the morning as soon as you wake up; whether it's right after lunch, maybe in the kitchen ... or a classic evening. in bed. When and how, in short, they leave ample room for imagination ... but be careful, even if making love is good, as the video below demonstrates, there are at least 3 things to avoid before starting!

1. Drink a lot, too much alcohol

Attention attention! If being tipsy is thought to be a good way to melt and let yourself go to bed, well, overdoing it could be counterproductive. The reason is that when you are drunk, not only is it harder to get aroused and men can even have problems with erection, but it is also more difficult for both him and her to reach orgasm. So, yes to some aphrodisiac bubbles as a preliminary, absolutely no to "unconsciousness"!

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2. Eat spicy foods

Although eating some spices could be aphrodisiac, pay attention to the quantities. Because? For a reason that greatly affects boys and the cunnilingus they should practice: spicy food changes the smell and taste of the breath, of the skin and yes, of the vagina. So, if you want to receive full service, we strongly advise you to avoid spices. : you will avoid bad breath and attempted poisoning.

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3. Shave off

To begin with, not everyone likes total hair removal, so let's debunk this myth. Then be careful to shave just before a hot encounter: the risk of getting infections is higher and more. The risk of skin irritation, given by the sensitivity of the skin just depilated and by rubbing, could turn a magical moment into a bad memory. In short, make sure you shave abundantly hours in advance!

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Once you've avoided the three details above, indulge yourself:

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