Zero waste in the kitchen: here's where to start

The place where the most waste accumulates is the kitchen. To start reducing waste in your home, that's where you should start.
Here are some tips on what you can do without buying and how to best store food to avoid throwing it out ahead of time.
In no time, you will be a true eco-cook!

A bento

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The first step to reduce waste? Stop buying lunch-ready lunches that pile up packaging (and empty your wallet) and make your own meals at home. If cooking isn't one of your favorite hobbies, this bento will make you feel the need to prepare lunch for everyone.
Consisting of two airtight compartments, it can accommodate all types of food, satisfying all your desires. And with its lids with silicone seals, you won't run the risk of spilling anything in your bag! You will no longer have excuses like "I don't want to wash dishes" or "I don't like to eat cold" because this bento is dishwasher and microwave safe! Comes with cutlery.

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An oven mat

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Are you sure that parchment paper is really convenient? You have to buy it often and above all it ends up being a lot of paper to throw in the trash. Once you have tried this silicone mat, you will never be able to do without it. Very easy to wash, reusable thousands of times, non-stick and above all ... it will not leave you without parchment paper, when you have a great desire for cookies!

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A mini blender

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Smoothies sold in supermarkets are good, but often expensive! Nothing beats a homemade smoothie, even better if in a reusable bottle! This mini blender allows you to make your own smoothies and take them to work every morning. No waste, no waste of time. A smart device to guarantee you a healthier life and less waste every day!

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Dry food containers

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Another solution to avoid packaging? Buy food in bulk.
Most shops and supermarkets have this option and it's generally cheaper too!
Cereals, pasta, spices ... To store your purchases, you will need several boxes. These are clear and reusable, five different sized boxes will be perfect for all types of dry food.

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Glass containers

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To store, reheat or freeze your homemade dishes, you probably already have some containers. But are they really the right ones? To ensure the freshness of food, it is best to use glass containers. Without pollutants, glass containers are more hygienic than plastic ones and can be safely used in the microwave or dishwasher. No more odors, discolorations and the risk of overheating, discover the pleasure of owning containers that will respect your food!

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Silicone lids

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Avoiding waste also means avoiding food waste. Your fish recipe called for the juice of half a lemon, you only used a few slices of cucumber and tomato for your salad etc. Wait to throw everything else!
There are products specially designed for these situations! These silicone lids are designed for fresh fruits and vegetables to ensure they last longer. They can also be used to cover pots and jars without lids, regardless of size.

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