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There is no "right" age to play.
If you are a real gamer and you like to spend your free time playing alone, or in company, or if you know a video game enthusiast and want to give him a nice gift for Christmas, check out our wishlist of consoles and video games and gaming accessories.
If you missed the Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday promotions, fear not: still has exclusive offers.
Take advantage of the unmissable discounts on games, consoles and accessories up to 51%!

Playstation or Xbox?

If you want to buy your first console and you don't know where to start, here's a little guide to help you make your choice.
The two consoles most famous and loved by gamers (in the most recent models) are the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One, with similar technical specifications, guaranteeing a "high quality game."
The differences lie in the dual shock, that is the joysticks.
That of the Playstation is more manageable, while that of the Xbox is aesthetically better.
Another key feature are game titles for consoles: Playstation has around 250, perfect for those who want to experiment with different types of games, Xbox, on the other hand, has about half of them, ideal for those who have a specific game in mind, available. only for Xbox.
Now you are ready to play: check out our selection, with promotional games paired with the console.

Playstation 4 Pro Chassis 1TB


  • The PlayStation 4 Pro system (PS4 Pro) is able to offer a more advanced gaming experience thanks to the greater image processing capacity and support for 4K resolution
  • PS4 Pro also allows playback of 4K video content
  • PS4 PRO supports HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology

Buy on Amazon for € 352.08 (14% discount)

The Crew 2 - Standard - PlayStation 4


  • Test yourself on the asphalt, at sea and in the sky, in 4 different disciplines!
  • Switch between vehicles and enjoy a seamless gaming experience

Buy on Amazon for € 19.99 (51% discount)

Xbox One S 1TB + 2nd Wireless Controller + 3 Months Gamepass


  • Xbox One S 1TB console - Wireless controller - HDMI cable - Power cable
  • Second Wireless Controller Included - 3-month Xbox Game Pass trial version with access to over 100 games - 14-day Xbox Live Gold trial version

Buy on Amazon for € 297.91

Fallout 76 - Xbox One


  • Multiplayer makes its appearance in the epic open world RPG; creating your character with the S.P.E.C.I.A.L system; you can forge your destiny in a new Wasteland
  • Graphics, lighting and landscape are the result of a new technology that will give life to six different areas of West Virginia
  • With the brand new Mobile Production Assistance Center (C.A.M.P.) you can build and produce in every corner of the world; the C.A.M.P; it will guarantee shelter, supplies and safety

Buy on Amazon for € 54.98 (27% discount)

Logitech G920 Driving Force for Xbox One / PC


  • Compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8 or Windows 7 and Xbox One
  • Force feedback to 2 motors
  • Steering sensor with Hall effect
  • Backlash-free helical gears

Buy on Amazon at 241 € (41% discount)

KLIM Esports - High quality gaming chair


  • AN INVESTMENT. No doubt you spend several hours in front of the screen. By using the KLIM eSports you will have greater comfort and improve lumbar support. Lack of support can cause serious back problems and the KLIM chair was created to avoid them.
  • ✅ SUPERIOR QUALITY. We didn't skimp on quality by making the KLIM eSports, we used the best materials available and with exquisite finishes. You are buying quality.
  • ✅ DO NOT PAY FOR THE BRAND. Many chair manufacturers make huge investments in marketing, but at KLIM, we have decided to minimize our marketing and allow the quality of the product to speak for itself. This allows us to offer our customers an incredible value for money.
  • ✅MADE FOR YOU. The KLIM eSports chair is adjustable on all levels and is perfectly adapted to you. You can recline it to an almost horizontal position and its height can be adjusted. It is suitable for all people with heights between 1.50 and 2 meters. A 2 meter tall person weighing 150kg will feel perfectly comfortable in the eSports chair. In case you have a larger build, please contact us .
  • ✅ TECHNICAL FEATURES. Reinforced steel for extraordinary durability. Elasticated straps for maximum comfort. High quality artificial leather, treated for greater wear resistance. Foam padding. High-quality cold padding. The support mechanism has 5 positions, up to 160 ° (inclined). Padded armrests in "4D". Freely adjustable backrest. Sturdy and resistant aluminum base, 75 mm diameter.

Buy on Amazon for € 349 <

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