Elegant dresses for girls: the most beautiful models online for less than 25 €

Welcome March! Finally we are approaching spring, walking, ice cream, parties!
Yes, spring and summer are full of ceremonies and moments of celebration to be celebrated with the dearest people: baptisms, communions, confirmations, weddings, in short: as soon as the sun comes up, the invitations fall!
And nothing is more fun than looking for the right outfit for your kids. Especially for sissies because, let's face it, when it comes to shopping, for us women it's all more fun!

But before everyone rushes to find the right dress for their princess, you should play in advance to guarantee yourself the most original model of the party!
We know that babies grow up fast and it is often a shame to buy a beautiful but expensive dress, knowing that your baby will only be able to wear it once!
That's why we found some beautiful models all for less than 25 euros, but don't be fooled by the price: the models are high quality and well made, take a look, you'll want to buy them all!

For the very little ones

Nothing is more tender than a very small girl with an impalpable and elegant dress that makes her look like a cloud of cotton candy.
In cotton and polyester, decorated with floral lace and an embroidered band, this dress is suitable for any ceremony and is also available in white.

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For the evening ceremony

Perfect for parties and evening ceremonies, with its glam touch thanks to sequins.
The "Elsa & Anna" brand inspired by the sister princesses of Frozen, offers a multitude of ceremonial and Carnival dresses.
Your little girl will be super excited to wear it!

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For the most original

A "great alternative to dresses are short jumpsuits!
Here is a super glamorous golden model, which will look good both day and night!
To wear in the evening but also during the day, because the metallic with the light of day, captures the sun's rays and will literally make your little girl shine! Made of polyester and metallic fiber, it will also look good with sneakers!

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For girls who love trousers

Okay, you like lace and lace and a ceremony is the perfect time to harness your daughter in tulle, but ... what if she doesn't like it?
If your little girl feels more comfortable with trousers and practical and simple clothes, don't force her to wear a meringue dress! Here is a viscose dungaree that will fall soft and elegant, with a nice bow at the waist to wear with t-shirts and blouses. Your little girl will love it!

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The perfect jacket with all outfits!

Forget about matching and synthetic dusters that you will only use once!
The perfect overcoat for little girls is only one: the denim jacket!
Perfect for baby girls and little girls, with any look. Always keep it with you even in summer, when the temperature drops with the evening breeze. Made of 100% cotton, it refreshes the elegant dress and immediately transforms it into a country chic outfit that recalls flowers, the sun and spring.

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