Valentine's Day: a delightful little gift for your other half!

What better way to declare your love to someone than to cook for him (or her)?
Here are some help to make themed sweets but also savory recipes, to celebrate love with love for food!
Your better half will appreciate!

Heart-shaped chocolate molds

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The chocolate! Sweet, bitter, aphrodisiac, sinful. What better food for Valentine's Day?
To surprise your partner, you can prepare chocolates to be left to cool in these molds.

If, on the other hand, you've already thought about the dessert, use the molds to make ice with it to put in the champagne bucket!

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Heart shaped cupcakes, muffins, brownies


Have you always dreamed of making small cupcakes to declare your love? Here are some cute little molds, which will allow you to make different heart-shaped cakes. Whether you are a muffin lover, a lover of cupcake or a brownie pro, you can use these molds for both sweet and savory recipes.

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Star-shaped fried eggs? Yes, it is possible!


Are you more fond of salty or American breakfasts?
Here is a cute way to make pancakes and fry eggs in the shape of a star, flower, heart.
Starting the day with a smile? Just use these silicone molds in the kitchen to add a touch of joy to your coffee!

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The timeless cake mold


We couldn't finish this list without mentioning the timeless heart-shaped cake mold. Non-stick and dishwasher safe, this mold is a classic from your childhood but also your present! For sweet and savory recipes, this mold will steal you .. . the heart!

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