The most beautiful nail art to show off on your wedding day!

When you think about nails for your wedding day, it's easy to dismiss everything with something simple or go natural to make no mistake. Tradition has it that brides wear a delicate French manicure most of the time, but that's not the only solution.

You should never stop at the first option, for example you can opt for a French manicure with different shapes or for a neutral, but not trivial, color. Today nude tones are more and more fashionable so it is possible to range from pale pink to light camel colors. And why not dare with red nails for a vintage touch?

Two other wedding day trends that are increasingly emerging include glitter and bright colors. Red, coral and intense pink are now very popular choices among brides, especially for summer weddings.

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What kind of nail art should you wear on your wedding day?

Once you have decided what your hair and makeup will look like, it is easy to overlook the theme of nails, but there is nothing more wrong.

There are tons of things to consider when thinking about your wedding day manicure. Better to opt for a semi-permanent gel to be done a few days before the ceremony and which will last, without any chipping, for the entire duration of the honeymoon. Chipped nails are added stress that no bride needs.

Obviously, we also don't have to evaluate its length as well so that we are comfortable and manageable. Better to avoid piercing the magnificent - and very expensive - Chantilly lace dress due to the claws that are far too long. A couple of millimeters beyond the finger and rounded edges are enough.

How long in advance is it necessary to do a manicure?

If the choice falls on semi-permanent gel, just perform a complete manicure 2 or 3 days before the "Yes", while if you opt for a classic manicure it is better to do it the day before.

Do not forget to moisturize the cuticles as much as possible in the days before the wedding, in order to be perfect on the altar.

How to make sure you have a perfect manicure until your wedding day?

To have perfect nails on your wedding day, it is not enough to apply the right jump the night before. It is important to keep them healthy and pamper them for a long time before the most important day.

Better to apply a cuticle oil and hand cream to rehydrate and combat dry cuticles. The day before, do a quick manicure aimed at eliminating cuticles and deep rehydration.

Tips for the wedding day

Nothing easier:

  • Try a couple of different colors in the weeks leading up to the wedding so you can figure out which one feels most comfortable and matches your happiness best.
  • Think about the bouquet. Will your nails match the colors of your bouquet or will they clash horribly? Try to find a solution that is pleasant to see, especially for photos.
  • Stop biting your nails! Who doesn't want to be beautiful and unforgettable on their wedding day ?! Here, then stop biting your nails and do it months before your wedding day.
  • Use a cuticle oil every night and religiously massage your hands with a moisturizer.
  • If you want a pop of color on your nails try to tie the color to the dominant colors of your bouquet.

Inspirational nail art for your wedding!