Summer nails 2020: the 8 most fashionable trends!

The nail fashion of summer 2020 brings with it some of the spring trends and new unmissable trends to show off for an original and stylish manicure. From evergreen nail polishes, such as red and nude, to the color of the year, classic blue, up to nail art with a softer soul that is an "ode to pastel mania," another trend that always finds great consensus, especially in the sweetest seasons.

Whatever your favorite trend, a fundamental rule for perfect nails is to apply the nail polish flawlessly, starting from a transparent base that protects the nails: in the following video, you will find all the tips to create a perfect DIY manicure and apply the enamel accurately and without smudging.

So here are the eight most fashionable nail polish colors for summer 2020!

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1. Red nail polish, an evergreen that never goes out of style

Let's start with a great classic: red nail polish. Whether it's winter or summer, this shade always conquers a special place, confirming itself once again as a beloved evergreen capable of suggesting modernity and a "super chic vintage aura with timeless class" at the same time.

From the most decisive and intense colors to orange red: there are many shades among which you can choose to show off an effect nail polish that is both classic and original.
And for the finish? Better shiny and super shining, perfect for the summer season. But matte and metallic variants are also allowed for those who want a more sober look but always with a strong character.

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2. Classic Blue, the Pantone 2020 color

Classic blue nails will be the real trend of summer 2020. Sophisticated and magnetic, the color of the year according to Pantone had already triumphed in spring and will be confirmed as a winning choice even in the summer season, to show off with any outfit, be it casual or an elegant evening outfit.

Appreciated both in the monochrome version and in a more dynamic and lively mix & match with complementary colors, classic blue is undoubtedly the gem of the season. From the lighter shades, almost close to the shades of denim, to the more intense and dark ones, bordering on cobalt or ocean blue: choose the shade you love most and interpret it as you please for a highly personal and impactful look.

For a more romantic and glamorous look, opt for the metal finish, ideal for an evening look; better the glossy finish for a more casual and carefree day outfit.

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3. Coral nails, the coolest nail art of the summer

For lovers of brighter and brighter colors, coral will prevail in summer 2020. Perfect on tanned hands and golden complexions, which enhances the contrast, this strong and sweet color together will be highly appreciated in all its variations, from the lightest fishing to salmon up to the most intense coral.

This nuance gives its best with a glossy finish, for a fresh and very modern glam-chic result; it is also particularly ideal for gel nails, thanks to its sophisticated and original soul, but always a guarantee of great class.

Lovers of pastel colors or more delicate shades will be able to opt for its lighter and lighter versions, almost to the limit with the shades of pink, the undisputed protagonist of spring nail art trends.

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4. Nude, the timeless manicure

Also in this summer 2020 we will experience an indestructible certainty: the triumph of flesh-colored enamel. The nude manicure still lives seasons of great fortune, reconfirming itself as an evergreen that knows no setbacks.

A refined, original and perfectly fitting choice, which puts everyone in agreement: it is in fact loved by those who prefer a sober and classy look but also by the most daring experimenters who find comfort from time to time in a glam-chic trend with an irresistible charm and timeless.

Also in this case, the palette of flesh-colored glazes is infinite: they range from the most neutral colors, including the classic nude and pearl, to slightly more decisive ones, such as beige, powder pink and antique pink.

Perfect on all skin types, it is also an ideal shade for women with a medium-dark and olive complexion, because it creates a strong contrast mix for an ultra chic and luminous effect. It is in fact one of Jennifer Lopez's favorite choices. who often opts for a more eye-catching gel manicure with an impact on the shades of soft pink.

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5. Strawberry nails and fuchsia nails: the most fashionable fluorescent colors

As for the strongest shades, fuchsia and strawberry will conquer a special place in the summer months. Among the fluorescent colors these are undoubtedly the most fashionable shades on which we must focus: with their cool soul they will give character and liveliness to our hands, reviving even the most casual and impersonal looks with a breath of freshness and unprecedented style.

It goes without saying that they must be preferred in shimmer and glossy finishes for an ultra-luminous and super trendy effect. Perfect both with a more causal day outfit and with a more demanding and elegant evening look. The ideal for the woman does not want to take herself too seriously and wants to communicate personality, determination and femininity.

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6. Pastel mania, the Soft & Chic trend of summer 2020

Although they were the great triumphs of last spring, pastel-colored glazes will continue to thrive even during the hot summer months.
Above all, mint green, soft yellow or pastel yellow, candy pink, light blue and lavender color will best represent the pastel mania of this 2020, especially in the ultra-glossy glossy versions.

These delicate shades with a bon ton soul are in fact the ideal choice if you want to show off an original and colorful manicure, without exaggerating. A fairy and romantic touch that will guarantee a sophisticated and classy appearance to your hands, giving lightness and personality to the " together.

Since these are light and bright colors, they are perfect if you want to enhance short nails and suggest a natural lengthening effect. They are in fact the lighter shades to be preferred in these cases, because they tend to open and enlarge, as opposed to the darker colors that make the nails smaller.

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7. Transparent glossy nail polish

Even the transparent nail polish, very shiny and ultra minimal, will enjoy great success. As simple as it may seem, on the contrary, it represents a very popular fashion trend, not only for its versatility, but also for the ability to enhance every type of outfit and nail shape.

Then remains the ideal choice with a delicate and chic French manicure, to show off for a long time without ever getting tired. In short, minimum effort and maximum yield!

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8. Mix & Match ton sur ton

Another great trend will be combining different colors of enamel in palettes: three or four different shades to alternate on the fingers for a "chromatic escalation with a strong impact that gives movement and liveliness even to the simplest outfits." Perfect in shades of pink or neutral shades, this nail art will give you a refined style with a soft soul that will certainly not go unnoticed.