Summer nails 2018: the 4 trendy nail art that you absolutely must try!

The hands, but in particular the nails, are a real parameter to determine the care of the person in front of us. Do not let yourself be caught unprepared: even this year the nail trends of summer 2018 come to our aid, inspiring us as never before with cool and super original nail art. Are you ready to show off your business card at its best? If you are still a beginner, here are some tricks to apply the nail polish in a perfect way, to have a manicure at the latest cry in a few steps!

Pastel-colored nails: the protagonists of summer 2018

Wonderful with tanned skin, pastel colored nail polishes are the undisputed trend for 2018 summer nails! From pastels with nude shades to the most flashy and neon shades, it is impossible not to find the right shade for us. Beautiful to look at, but not only, pastel nails are also practical: they go perfectly with any summer outfit given their bright color, but at the same time delicate and discreet. Pastel nail art is definitely a great idea if you want to opt for a semi-permanent or gel polish, to show off throughout the summer season.

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Colored French for a whimsical nail art

The colored french is not a real novelty, but it is back in fashion again, surprising us with new colors and versions suitable for summer nail trends. Surely it is a trend that goes well with the needs of summer: it is a minimal nail art, of course, but super colorful and perfect to make our nails the main accessory of an evening outfit. If you are ready to party here are some ideas, from nails with multicolored French to those with a glittery French, there is only the embarrassment of choice!

© Pinterest Summer nails 2018 - colored french

Flamingo nail art and "fly"!

Ready to fly to the tropics? If you haven't gone on vacation yet, this one flamingo nail art it will bring you a bit of summer breeze and lightheartedness, to better face the heat of the city. These 2018 summer nails are perfect to combine with pastel-colored nail polishes, which as we have seen are a real must have, but which sometimes need to be a little more, to make us really shine! So get ready to take flight with these fun summer nail art.

© Pinterest Summer nails 2018 - flamingo nail art

Fruit nail art for the sweet tooth!

Here are the nail art with fruit, definitely not the best way to stop biting your nails, but certainly the most suitable way to show off the most jaunty trend of summer nails 2018! Green light for all types of tropical fruit: pineapple, coconut, melon, papaya, etc. If you are a true trendsetter, combine this fruity design with a flamingo here and there and always remember to prefer pastel-colored background glazes. The result? A guaranteed success and hands ready to face all the parties of the summer season!

© Pinterest Summer nails 2018 - fruit nail art

Nude nails: the trend of almost invisible nail polish

As with this year's summer makeup, even the nails of summer 2018 occasionally push us to focus on a look with a natural effect. The great classic in terms of nails, or nude nail polish, never goes out of style! This summer the nude becomes almost invisible, revealing our natural nails. We can add at most a few glitter here and there for a jewel effect, very chic to show off in the evening or for a particular event.

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