A simple trick to "sharpen" your tweezers (and not having to buy them again!)

Shaving the eyebrows, although no longer absolutely necessary as in the past as today many like them thick and free, remains a fundamental habit for many. Tweezers remain the most used method for hair removal, but require patience and the ability to put away the tweezers always where you will find it later. The problem with tweezers is not just how easy they get lost, or how calmly you have to pull one lash at a time, it's also when you insist on pulling but that lash won't come off because your tweezers aren't sharp enough anymore.
So how do you get perfect eyebrows? First watch the video:

The trick to sharpening tweezers

How to save your favorite tweezers that have always been flawless and that, when you use them, bring you a lot of luck? The trick is very simple: just go to a hardware store and get either a metal razor blade or a strip of sandpaper. Once this simple shopping is done, we move on to the concrete work of craftsmanship. Rub the razor blade or sandpaper on the underside of the tweezers intended for the grip, et voilà, tweezers as good as new! Yes, tweezers don't come with exorbitant costs, and you might argue that a file or sandpaper also comes at a cost. But it is still true that they are tools that you will find yourself over time, like a real beauty artisan's kit!

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