5 tricks to reduce the signs of aging

To achieve a radiant, smooth and luminous face, relying on the latest anti-aging products is not the only option available. Skin care starts "from the inside": just observe a few simple tips during your beauty routine to start feeling your skin younger and healthier Here are our top 5 tricks to take care of your skin and make it brighter.

1. Always keep her hydrated

The power of water should never be underestimated: healthy skin starts with hydration. Drinking 2 liters of water a day is, therefore, our # 1 tip for maintaining hydrated and wrinkle-free skin.

Water removes toxins from the skin, giving it a more youthful and healthier appearance. It is also by keeping your skin cells hydrated and full of nutrients that you can prevent the first wrinkles from forming. Finally, drinking lots of water will help you avoid retention of liquids and gives skin and hair a brighter appearance.

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2. Protect it from UV rays

We know that the sun is good for our body: it is the contact with its rays that stimulates the production of vitamin D, a very important nutrient for the immune system and the maintenance of the health of our organs. But we must be careful of excessive exposure, because UV rays, in addition to being one of the causes of skin cancer, can also cause premature aging.

As we must not overdo the exposure, we certainly must not hide from the sun forever! The sun is good for the body and soul, but overdoing it is never a good idea. Balance is always the best choice!

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3. Clean it carefully

Another basic rule, but often not respected, is skin cleansing. You should never go to bed without removing make-up first! Make-up and impurities accumulated during the day block the pores making the skin dry and full of toxins. It is therefore important to cleanse and moisturize your skin carefully before going to bed. In the morning, however, a quick wash with mild soap is enough to remove the excess sebum produced during the night.

Although it is of great help in preventing wrinkles, sebum is an agent that causes pimples and blackheads. So it is always best to remove the excess with a tissue suitable for cleaning the sebum, to allow your skin to breathe and keep it healthier.

To preserve or strengthen the radiance of your skin, we recommend that you adopt this simple beauty routine:
Morning: light skin cleansing with mild soap and moisturizing with an emollient and protective cream (even better if it has a good UV protection factor);
Evening: cleansing the skin with cleansing tissues, micellar water and moisturizing with a nourishing face cream;
Once a week: detox with deep cleansing (mild soap and micellar water), moisturizing face mask, serum and nourishing face cream.

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4. If you smoke… start thinking about a change

Tobacco not only affects our respiratory system, but its negative effects are also very visible on our skin. Tobacco toxins cause premature wrinkles on our face, make it grayer and lifeless, and can even cause dark spots to appear.

In addition, tobacco reduces blood flow, thus preventing the necessary nutrients from nourishing our skin, aging it further. As if all of this were not enough, tobacco reduces the level of estrogen in women, making our skin drier and weaker.

5. Maintain a balanced diet

Take care of yourself starting from inside your body. A healthy diet, full of vitamins, water, minerals and antioxidant foods will help you preserve your skin from free radicals and premature aging.

Your psychological well-being is also very important: stress and fatigue are factors that aggravate problems such as dark circles, swollen eyes and skin health. Reserve a few hours for yourself and take care of yourself: enjoy a home spa with aromatherapy treatment and a small detox beauty routine to hydrate and regenerate your body and soul!

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