"I love you" as a couple: who generally says it first and why

As a couple you know, the fateful moment of "I love you" always creates some embarrassment, difficulties, fears and so on. It is not easy to open up to the partner and the goal is always to avoid the embarrassed and possible "thank you" instead of the "me too". you feel a feeling and you feel that it is shared, you should feel free to open up and let yourself go, as the video reminds us, watch:

Who would first say "I love you" as a couple ...

Who would be to say the two long-awaited words more often then as a couple? According to a recent study published in The Journal of Social Psychology, men would be the first to expose themselves! Apparently, in fact, men would feel safer in "expressing their feelings, but why?

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... and why

Given that if you are in love there are many signs to understand it and that the ability to express your feelings is personal, it seems however that in a couple men would have more awareness of the feeling of falling in love. Perhaps because for men to feel love is like a cold water shower, it doesn't happen often, but when it happens the man knows that that woman there made a difference. Once the love has been declared, it is more legitimate to want to keep one's woman all to oneself and by one's side, a high reason that pushes the man to declare himself first: to make sure that he has marked the territory. Finally, a strong sense of practicality drives the quick declaration. Man is less cerebral than woman: if he is certain he feels something he expresses it, without too many digressions on the subject.

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It is not only "I love you" that creates problems, love is not an easy topic, but if you are looking for some food for thought, here are some:

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