Test: are you ready for marriage?

Getting married is not an easy choice: it requires love, trust, planning and the desire to support yourself in something common. Being companions for life is an important choice, which does not require the promise of marriage, but which often includes it. Marriage is part of a series of dreams that have accompanied us since childhood, so being a princess for a day is often a real desire that we would like to fulfill. Do you dream of the perfect day for you and your love? Watch the video for a little tip:

Test: are you ready for marriage?

If marriage is everyone's dream very often, it is not certain that all of us are ready to bond with someone in the fateful "yes, I do". Indeed, in our times, marriage for many is seen as an act of courage. It is not therefore certain that everyone is a bridge to get married.
So are you ready to go to the altar and make everyone's dream come true? Are you ready to get married? Take the test and find out:

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