Personality test: how good are you at keeping a secret?

Being trustworthy includes the sometimes innate ability to know how to keep one's secrets to oneself. Obviously, a secret is like a time bomb, it explodes inside you and not everyone can keep this bomb in their heart, they need to detonate it outside. When you press "I'll tell you a secret" the mind is already working out how to keep it, meanwhile also how to tell it. In short, it is not easy and it is not for everyone. Of course there are also secrets that are best disclosed to everyone, like these, watch the video:

Personality test: how good are you at keeping a secret?

So what kind of person are you? The one who would get himself killed in order not to reveal a secret or the one who in the end cannot resist the charm of gossip? Quiet, as William Congreve says "I know it's a secret, because I hear it whispered everywhere", so being a real grave is very difficult. And you? Find out how you are with our test:

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