Test: how old do you look? Find out if you look bigger or smaller!

The actual age, the one that is understood by our identity card, does not always coincide with the way in which we perceive the other. And very often not even with how we feel about ourselves, with how we perceive ourselves, imagine, even with respect to our life goals. Who hasn't happened to think "but when has all this time passed?", or to look in the mirror and think that the time has come to make changes. , if you think about it, one of the most frequent questions we ask, when we meet someone who then asks us their age, is: "how old are you?". This is because age does not always speak. And here is the proof:

We also happen to have a kind of "emotional age", which is what can make us think two things about others: "how immature!" or "what a thinker", and in this case, especially if we are talking about a peer, perhaps we find ourselves in that situation in which an "age that is different from the" chronological age is shown.

And you? How old are you looking? Do you look younger or older, or just your age in the eyes of others? Take this test to find out!

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