Personality test: which of the 7 deadly sins are you?

None of us can say that we are perfect, and those who think we are probably are proud of it! And it is exactly for this reason that it is always plausible to think that we are approaching some capital sin: in short, at least one of the seven must fall within the range of our instincts, even if in a dormant or very light way. Before discovering your sins, watch the video, and find out how you are made according to your sign:

Personality test: which of the 7 deadly sins are you?

Deep down in your heart you already know that one of the deadly sins tells something about you, but maybe it is not the vice you expect to define and influence a part of you. Gluttony, sloth, pride? Lust or anger? Greed or envy? Which of these 7 sins are you? Take our test and find out:

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After finding out what capital vice you are, learn more about your way of being by choosing a room: it will tell you something about how you are. Here is the quiz:

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