Personality test: Marissa or Summer, which protagonist of The OC are you?

If we all madly loved the reserved and a little cursed Ryan Atwood or we fell in love with the brilliant and a little loser Seth Coen, then we all also identified with the two female protagonists of The OC series: the indivisible friends Marissa and Summer . Their stories, of love and more, have fascinated us and took us for a walk in Orange County, and if their friendship is special, perhaps it is precisely because it is based on their differences ... luckily the friends are not all the same. , look:

So wouldn't you like to find out with our test who represents you the most? The fragile and magnanimous Marissa or the strong and proud Summer? Our test reveals it to you:

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And speaking of friends, what does your best friend represent to you? Find out here:

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