Christmas test: what gift do you really deserve?

Christmas is upon us and obviously what do we expect from Christmas? The famous gifts, which when we wrote letters to Santa Claus were quite similar to those desired. From adulthood, on the other hand, the possibility of desiring something that can be bought already becomes a luxury. Let alone actually receive something we desire!
Before you find out what your unconscious wants for Christmas, and what you deserve, see how you can make the Christmas mood a gorgeous DIY reality:

Christmas test: what gift do you really deserve?

What do you deserve for Christmas? It won't be easy to find the gift you really want and deserve. Will it be a beach holiday or a music subscription? Will the gift you want come soon, or will it never arrive? Find your dream gift now with our brilliant quiz:

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Your Christmas wishes by now you have discovered them. Do you know your deepest fears instead? You can find out by doing this test:

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