Test: which Disney villain mirrors your ideal (but insane) man?

Have you ever felt that strange attraction not for the prince charming but for the villain of the situation? Raise your hand if you have never felt some kind of love for Jafar: Aladdin yes, but Jafar was no different. In short, the dark force attracts us all a little hopelessly. Before you find out which Disney villain would have been perfect for you, find out what princesses would have been like if they were queens, look:

Disney test: which Disney villain would be your ideal man?

So, coming down from the throne of the princesses and returning to that of the little witches that we all instill a bit "we are, which dark side attracts you most to Disney villains? Our test reveals it to you and so now is the time to know which genius of the evil Disney you would have been doomed.Don't worry, we don't judge you

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And instead, going back to being the princesses of the situation, which of the Disney princes would have been perfect for you? Finding out is simple with our test, here:

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