Personality Test: What Do Men Like About You?

We are more or less certain that we know what a man might like about a woman: there are those who fall in love with a look, with the tone of voice, but also with the hands, breasts or side B. With a little experience , then, we learn to understand what men like while kissing, or the feminine attitudes that literally drive them crazy! Just as we learn what they hate in bed or what they hate to receive in a message. Of course, we hope that they too will ask themselves two questions and begin to understand what a woman really likes, what she needs, and that is:

Personality Test: What Do Men Like About You?

But surely you have asked yourself more personal questions and asked "but what does he like about me? What aspects of my character? What does my man love about me?". To find out more, answer these 10 simple questions!

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And what will you be like in 10 years? Find out with this test:

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