Test: who is secretly in love with you?

Love is blind, but sometimes not love is blind too! What if someone who is next to you feels something for you but you are unable to notice it? Sometimes the most trivial things happen right under our eyes and we don't. let's see why we are taken by something else or only by ourselves. Declaring love is not easy, even when you are in a couple, look:

Test: who is secretly in love with you?

Find out immediately who of the people around you or not feels something strong for you. It could be your ex, or your best friend. The heart is not commanded, so nothing can be discounted in love, especially love itself! After taking the test, pay attention to the details between you and him, and find out if there is something more. Take the quiz:

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Don't you reciprocate who is in love with you but do you dream of prince charming? Find out which one would have been perfect for you with this test:

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