Test: choose a city and discover your deepest quality

Often our dream is to travel and visit as many places as possible. And when we discover new places we stop to think about how we would be there. Who doesn't live in one city dreaming of another? Perhaps most of us want, at least in dreams, to have an experience elsewhere. Which city do you dream of? Which city do you think would represent your way of being? Before you find out, since how we are influences our choices, watch the video, and decide whether to change our look:

Test: choose a city and discover an adjective about you

If the place where we grow up makes us who we are, then every place has characteristics that, like friends and family, influence our way of being. So, choose a city with our test and discover a quality that describes you:

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After choosing a city, it's time to choose a dessert that reveals your personality, it takes very little, take our test:

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