Test: Is my baby precocious?

"Is my baby precocious?" is a question many parents ask themselves when their children show signs of "higher than normal" intellectual activity.
To find out if your baby is showing signs of precocity, take the test and find out if you should have an IQ test.

Attention: what we offer you are only possibilities. Only a specialist is able to make a precise diagnosis, after a period of very careful observation and through the famous IQ test.

That said, even if your child is not the most precocious, this has absolutely nothing to do with intelligence, which as we know is of many types. Precocious babies simply have the ability to reason in a different way, but not for this reason they are more intelligent than a less precocious child, also because intelligence is measured in many ways. Look at him, doesn't that seem crazy to you?


Ready for the test? Answer these simple questions to figure out if your child could be a precocious baby or not.

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