Test: the perfect wedding dress for you based on your personality

Every bride, sooner or later, will find herself faced with the fateful question: "did you choose the" wedding dress? ". And if the ideas are not so clear, panic is around the corner. Of course, it's almost impossible that a bride-to-be hasn't already collected images of wedding dresses on her Pinterest boards and that a vague preference between a princess wedding dress, mermaid style, or something with an open back is a must. . Regardless of the fashion of the moment, the most important thing is that the wedding dress reflects our personality. Because only then will we feel that unique feeling when we wear it. Getting married is an almost magical ritual, which brings with it so many values ​​and so many traditions , just like these ... inevitable!

For all those who do not know which wedding dress is perfect for their personality, the following test has been designed. With these 10 questions we will advise you which dress reflects you best. Have fun then


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