Test: there are 2 personality types, which group do you belong to?

One thing is certain: none is better than the other, more right or more wrong. But it is really fascinating to note that, on certain topics, there are clearly two sides: pizza edge yes or pizza edge no? Some people don't understand why you should not eat the edge, others do not even consider it on the plate. In short, on certain choices there are no middle ground, such as how to place toilet paper in one way or another or whether to eat watermelon with seeds or no. This type of choice, in turn, identifies two types of different personalities. Because no matter where you come from, what religion you have and what language you speak, we all have these little "manias"! For example, there are people who look at this videos go crazy, others have no problem ...

Starting from this idea of ​​being able to identify 2 types of personalities according to our small and simple choices, the artist João Rocha has created numerous illustrations in his blog "2 Kind of People" that allow you to understand which group you belong to. to find out? Take this test!

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