2019 furniture trends: here are the most loved ones on Pinterest

The new 2019 furniture trends have already been disclosed and now it's your turn to implement them in your home according to your preferences! Obviously, the style of a house must be respected, but it is always very interesting to understand what is new and understand how we can update our interior design to keep the environment of our home always modern and in step with trends, without losing personality. .

And what would be the best place to look for new inspirations and furnishing ideas? Exactly, Pinterest!

We did a super research and on this article we tell you which are the most loved interior design trends by users. From colors to wall decorations these are the elements that can easily be introduced into your apartment and will give an "upgrade" to your furniture!

# 1 Furniture trends 2019: Macrame

According to Pinterest, the biggest 2019 decor trend is Macrame. This type of textile art is a great choice for those who want to decorate their home with original and rustic-style handmade pieces of art. It is also a nice DIY idea that will make your home even more welcoming. An important piece of macrame. fixed on the main wall of the room together with some plants suitable for apartment and a rustic wooden piece of furniture will make your furnishing style much more modern and interesting!

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# 2 Furniture trends 2019: Colored tiles

Another very important 2019 furniture trend are colored tiles: you can put them both mixed in different designs or matched evenly. In addition, these elements are quite versatile and can be applied on the stairs, kitchen wall, bathroom, etc. The Italians already have a great source of decorative inspiration in this case: the Sicilians are an authority when it comes to colored tiles and ceramics and with these elements you can bring a little more life to your furniture.

We therefore recommend adhesive decorative tiles: in addition to being practical and economical, they are easily removable if you are renting.

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# 3 2019 furniture trends: minimal style sofa

With a versatile practical design, the sofas in a minimal style bring a vintage and elegant air to your home. The models in leather or colored fabric are the protagonists of this furnishing trend: they can be combined with different types of style such as vintage, the rustic, hygge and even the more colorful and tropical ones. Furthermore, these sofa models are an evergreen of furniture and keep your home in step with the trends and elegant for a long time.

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# 4 2019 furniture trends: wood panels

The wooden panels are able to offer an extra touch of personality to the furniture of your home without costing too much or causing definitive changes to its structure. They are simple to be combined with different styles and materials and bring a further feeling of welcome to the On Amazon, you can find in addition to the classic wall panels different space-saving furniture with hangers and small shelves.

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# 5 2019 furniture trends: areas with important wallpapers

The days of boring single-color walls are over! For 2019, you are free to explore the whole universe of wallpapers in furniture: there are countless colors, shades, designs and styles to test and match with the design of your home, bringing even more originality and style to your home! Models with a tropical, animal or very colorful design are the protagonists of these trends and, since they are very eye-catching, we recommend that you apply it in a specific area of ​​the room!

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# 6 2019 furniture trends: urban gardens or vertical gardens

The trend of the urban jungle is still booming, this is nothing new, but the most interesting thing is the technology that continues to develop to make the urban garden something more feasible every year. On the 2019 furniture trends, the vertical garden it is a must-have and, let's face it, we cannot complain about this, also because there is no shortage of offers of simple products with an excellent quality / price ratio online!

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# 7 2019 furniture trends: many, many plants!

If the vertical garden and jungle-style wallpaper is still not enough for you, we reveal the way to make your furniture even more original: the 2019 furniture trends always focus on sustainability and on the development of indoor gardens. So cacti, succulents and other plants suitable for apartments are more sought after every year! On Amazon, you'll find several plant options that are perfect for indoors, requiring less water and less direct light.

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# 8 2019 furniture trends: geometric paintings on the walls

This is the time to let your imagination fly: if you are for the most minimal and clean style, but you do not want to give up the most important design trends, painting a wall with geometric patterns and the main colors from the 2019 furniture trends is already a big change. in the environment of your home! We all know the color of the year is living coral and this shade combined with navy blue and ivory white will make your room very elegant, especially if the color of your furniture tends to pink or silver metal !

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# 9 2019 furniture trends: mustard yellow

In addition to being a warm and extremely welcoming color, the mustard color may seem difficult to match at first, but this shade, while very lively, is sober and does not tire the eyes in the long term like a bright yellow. It is also important to add that the shades that focus on yellow and orange bring a more lasting feeling of warmth and welcome and therefore are highly recommended to complement the decor of a home!

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