Leopard coats: the winter trend!

From the most ancient civilizations to the Haute Couture catwalks, the animalier is one of the oldest and most meaningful patterns in the history of fashion.
The Greeks and Egyptians used it above all to distinguish the wealthier social classes.
In the Christian era, it symbolized sin and eroticism, a meaning that remained until the first decades of the 1900s.
In the 1930s, pinup Betty Page loved to make a sensation with her leopard outfits that represented sensuality and desire.

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But the moment when the animalier print was completely cleared was in 1947, thanks to Christian Dior who created a leopard-patterned tulle dress, thus giving her access to the world of high fashion.
Since then, there have been countless proposals for the use of leopard print. From Cavalli and Gianni Versace, in the 80s to the famous cover of Vogue in 1991, which featured a splendid Naomi Campbell, in a total leopard look.
In 2018 we saw it again on the catwalks of the greatest designers. The undisputed king of the urban look 2019, the leopard is back bolder than ever, on the coats of all fashion lovers! What better time than the 2019 winter sales to buy the coolest coat of the season?
Here's how to wear it and what are the best models on Amazon!

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Feel Plus 12

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A very sober model, perfect as a light coat but also as a jacket.
The unique button makes this garment particularly elegant and gives it a tailored cut.
The soft colors of the print lend themselves to other color combinations such as burgundy, red, blue, purple.
For lovers of classic style.

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A great must for animal lovers: an oversized coat in leopard-print faux fur with hood. Perfect with a little black dress but also with your chunky sneakers for a more street touch but of great effect.
Super sexy, this model, but at the same time very hot.

Buy on Amazon for € 56.88


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Small size and very high workmanship for this Motivi faux fur bomber jacket.
Very soft, beautiful design and precious jewel buttons.
Highly recommended with maxi dresses and long skirts. Have fun mixing it with other fantasies; will be the trend of 2019!

Buy on Amazon for € 104.30


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Amazon's fashion brand is always a guarantee. Excellent quality and great attention to detail.
Find is always in step with trends and offers an eco-friendly fur, warm and above all different from the other models.
We really like their very personal view of the spotted and the oversized fit that looks good on everyone!

Buy on Amazon for 75 €


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Always one step ahead, Topshop is one of the most loved brands by the very young (and not only!).
From always up-to-date and witty garments, with a hint of typically English extravagance.
A simple but impressive model, to be worn in full British style with the baker boy hat, the favorite of fashionistas!

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