Techno-stress insomnia: change your habits and turn off your smartphone to find good sleep

Have you ever tried to count how many high-tech devices are in your bedrooms, even while you sleep? Smartphone, PC, notebook, Tablet, eReader… And then are you surprised if you can't sleep or if you wake up feeling like you haven't rested?

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Difficult to do if among the bad habits of the evening you also have that of checking social networks, reading emails, responding to chats and so on.

You may not know it, but the short wavelength light, called blue, emitted by the LED screens typical of the latest generation electronic devices, is able to inhibit the production of melatonin, the so-called sleep hormone, thus sending in tilt our circadian rhythms.

In practice, this type of light hinders the neurons that preside over the release of melatonin and help sleep, stimulating instead those related to attention and thus altering the right sleep-wake rhythm.

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How to solve and regain good sleep? First of all, avoiding carrying smartphones, tablets and notebooks under the covers ... Then recovering some healthy habits that facilitate sleep such as drinking a relaxing herbal tea, avoiding exciting foods such as coffee or alcohol, always going to bed at the same time and in an environment that is not too hot nor cold, for example, reading a good book.

And when this is not enough - also because it is difficult to change well-established habits - we can resort to
specific supplements based on melatonin, which can compensate for the reduced internal production of this substance, and thus favor the correct synchronization of our biological clock.

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