How to set a spring table

We are all in love with spring! If you are looking for inspiration to set a spring themed table complete with flowers, tablecloths and napkins full of flowers and bright colors, here is a list of everything you can't miss and where to buy them at cheap prices!

Runner in cloth or linen in the middle of the table

A spring table requires a more rustic air, referring to nature and the birth of flowers. It is time to renew our contact with the outside environment and as the climate becomes more pleasant at this time of the year, the dishes served must be light, tasty and full of freshness, so the mise en place does not require too many fabrics!

You can try to combine a linen runner with neutral colors like the Linen & Cotton model that we found on Amazon in beige and white for € 25.99 or, if you want to dare a little more, the linen model with blue stripes. LinenMe is on offer on Amazon at € 19.89 (8% discount).

If, on the other hand, you don't like the idea of ​​creating a table without a tablecloth, a full model in plain color linen or cotton (or with the famous stripes) are ideal for a flat spring mise en place in style!

Buy the 50% linen and 50% cotton Linen & Cotton tablecloth for € 54.99 available in white or in 100% linen with white stripes for € 49.99

How to set the table in spring: ideas and inspirations

© Spring tables: how to create compositions with runners

Plant pots

The return of spring brings us that desire to start filling our house with plants again! And slowly we would like to see flowers everywhere we go and this is also valid for the decoration of the spring table! A rich floral arrangement for a centerpiece is a great idea to make spring the star of your dinner or spring lunch!

  • Buy the Teresa "s Collections set of 2 ceramic vases 19.5cm for € 19.99
  • Buy the set of 6 ceramic jars with bamboo trays T4U for € 19.93
  • Buy the set of 6 T4U colored ceramic jars for € 13.93
  • Buy the set of 4 geometric ceramic jars T4U for € 19.93
  • Buy the set of 10 small terracotta pots on Amazon for € 16.06

Vases for a spring floral arrangement: all the inspirations

© Set of 2 ceramic vases 19.5cm Teresa "s Collections Discover all the pot models available on Amazon

Scented candles

Spring is also represented by the scents of blooming flowers and its intense and magical light! And that is why, in the composition of the center table, we recommend that you combine some scented candles to bring a welcoming and bright atmosphere to your table.

A composition together with scented candles bring What could be better than a scented candle to give a little warmth to a large table? This will follow perfectly with your new table decoration - acid colors and floral motifs, everything is fine!

  • Buy the pack of 4 scented candles (jasmine, lotus, lilac flowers and white gardenia) Aimari for € 17.26
  • Buy the set of 6 scented candles with Anjou soy wax for € 14.99

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The dishes for a perfect spring table

A perfect spring table will never be complete without the right selection of dishes! A modern, colorful and consistent service with the spring theme will make your table fun and very elegant! Get ready to impress your guests: you are free to experiment, combine patterns, colors and style for a meal full of color and style.

  • Buy the set of 18 Rose & Tulipani colored plates for € 52.87
  • Buy the Villa d’Este 18-piece blue plate service for € 76.90
  • Buy the 18-piece service of porcelain plates and Excelsa cactus pattern for € 72.94 (46% discount)
  • Buy the 18-piece service of porcelain plates and Excelsa tropical fantasy at 55 €
  • Buy the table service of 18 units of white porcelain and blackberry patterned plates from Tognana for € 41.40 (18% discount)
  • Buy the 18-piece service of porcelain plates and Excelsa mandala pattern for € 67.10
  • Buy the 18-piece multicolored Rose & Tulips table service for € 55.42

© Set of 18 colored plates Roses and Tulips

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