What tattoo are you based on your zodiac sign?

The tattoo we choose for our skin says a lot about us. It is a way to express on the surface what we carry inside, how we feel, what our story is. Besides, a tattoo is forever ... it pays to be really sure of our choice!

If you are looking for some original ideas, go immediately to consult your sign and browse the combined gallery. At that point, get inspired!

And if you want to get a coordinated tattoo with your mother or daughter, watch our video:

Aries: sports tattoos!

The sign of Aries is the sportiest of the whole zodiac. It may be that it is always on the move, loves the sense of challenge, loves to excel and overcome its own limits, but when it finds its passion - whether it is dance or football - it is impossible to keep it: he will want to engrave it on his own skin and always carry it with him.

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© Instagram 30 tattoo ideas for sports lovers

Taurus: food themed tattoos!

La Torella is a real sweet tooth! You can take away everything, but not the passion for cooking and eating well. Whether her favorite dish is pizza or a delicious cupcake, she'll never feel full enough to give it up. For this the most suitable tattoo for his sign is definitely food themed, like these here:

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© Pinterest Food themed tattoos that will make you hungry!

Gemini: temporary tattoos!

The Twin is one who gets bored easily. It is not her fault: her mind is in constant turmoil, she always has new ideas and new projects and this leads her to tire easily ... This is why the right tattoo for her will be the temporary one. He can choose the subject he prefers and when he gets tired of it, change it as if nothing had happened.

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© Asos Temporary tattoos: fun and no regrets!

Cancer: tattoos with all the trimmings!

Cancer girls know how to always be super-feminine. In fact, it is the sign that best of all knows how to express the meaning of being a woman, in all its facets. And the bow is one of the symbols of femininity par excellence. Discover in our gallery many possible ideas for a delicate and sexy at the same time bow tattoo:

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© WeHeartIt Bow tattoos: the most feminine

Leo: star tattoos!

There is little to discuss: the Lioness is a born diva. The only tattoos that are good for her are those of the stars. So here are some ideas coming directly from Hollywood which you can inspire. Because if tattoo must be, at least it must be at the height of a red carpet!

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© Getty The tattoos of the stars - Angelina Jolie

Virgo: small tattoos!

The elegance of the Virgin lies entirely in her minimalism, in her desire not to exceed. Even in the choice of tattoos her taste will lead her to prefer a delicate and small tattoo, perhaps in a slightly hidden point ... a small secret to be jealously guarded in all its beauty.

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© Pinterest / artige.no Small female tattoos: 100 photos to draw inspiration from!

Libra: white tattoos!

The sign of Libra is always distinguished by its innate elegance and refined aesthetic taste, even in the choice of a tattoo. The white tattoo is perfect for her, original and particular enough, but at the same time really delicate and refined, just like her.

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© Pinterest White Tattoos: charm and mystery

Scorpio: neck tattoos!

Somehow the Scorpion must always provoke. The tattoo for her will be a tool of attraction, mysterious and sensual, just like her character. A tattoo on the neck will then be very suitable, a decidedly erogenous zone that invites discovery and the sweetest abandonment of the senses.

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© Pinterest Neck tattoos for women: 50 ideas to find the design that suits you best

Sagittarius: arrow tattoos!

The sign of Sagittarius is symbolically represented by an arrow. So why not choose to play with this emblem for a tattoo, since it is so fashionable? Among other things, it also remembers Cupid's bow, and who knows if it won't help you hit a lot of hearts ...

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© iStock 50 wonderful proposals for arrow tattoos

Capricorn: owl tattoos!

The owl is a nocturnal and mysterious animal, from a symbolic point of view it is linked to clairvoyance and magic: all characteristics that concern very closely the serious and very deep Capricorn. And then, let's face it, owls are also so cute! Look at our gallery and get inspired:

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© Instagram Les plus beaux tatouages ​​de hibou repérés on Instagram

Aquarius: travel themed tattoos!

An Aquarius girl loves the idea of ​​travel and discovery more than anyone else. Her passion for the world, the knowledge of different and remote places and cultures accompanies her in everything she does. A cool travel-themed tattoo will help her always feel on-the-road, even when she's forced to the office.

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© Pinterest 50 tattoo ideas that will make you travel ... on your skin!

Pisces: Disney Character Tattoos!

What tattoo could ever be more suitable for a Pisces girl than a Disney character, perhaps a beautiful princess? Pisces, as we know, love to dream and continue to do so at any age, living in their universe of emotions and daydreams. Choose the Disney tattoo you prefer and keep living your fairytale:

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