Temporary tattoos with the face of your best friend: the gift idea that you can't miss!

Words are not the only declarations of affection we have at our disposal: besides them there are gestures, the gift of our time and, of course, tattoos.
Tattoos are usually forever but, just in case you want your best friend to understand that she is the right one for you ... Here's how to do it without even having to go to the tattoo artist!

Lise Grossman, Lilimandrill on Instagram, is an "artist capable of making any face you want to be tattooed, without the need for needles and with the help of transfers, those tattoos that we filled our arms and legs with as little girls and that grandmothers, after an afternoon of play, they took us away with a sponge.
Here the result is much more elegant than that temporary tattoo with Geri Halliwell we got in 1998 ...

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The even more incredible thing about these tattoos is that they can be ordered in series and that, for this reason, they can prove to be very valid allies for weddings and bachelorette parties.
For the bride and groom it can be a lot of fun to see the guests tinker with the temporary tattoos and they are also a nice idea when it comes to wedding favors.
If, on the other hand, you are the best friend of your best friend, you can buy personalized tattoos on Etsy and invite your bachelorette companions to follow you in this crazy but not too crazy initiative: the yield is optimal and, of course, the face of yours. bff won't be tattooed on you forever.

This is a very nice gimmick for birthdays, weddings, graduation parties and even baby shower parties where you decide to say hello to a new born!
If you were looking for something very innovative, meaningful and that does not have long-term consequences, these tattoos are just for you!

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