Asymmetrical cut: who looks good and how to wear it according to the shape of the face

The asymmetrical cut is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating hair fashion choices ever, destined not to know setbacks and to resist in every era and season. Fashion and original, this type of cut has a great advantage: it can be adapted to any type of face and hair, with the styling that best suits them. Short and curly, long, medium, wavy or smooth, in short, there are many variations of the asymmetrical cut, to be chosen at will to enhance your face and create the best mix.

First of all it is necessary to make a premise and define well what a symmetrical cut is. In fact, by asymmetry we mean various concepts:

  • horizontal asymmetry, i.e. at the level of the length, and therefore the classic longer cut in front and shorter behind (the asymmetrical cut par excellence, in short)
  • Vertical asymmetry, between one side and the other, that is of the crown, for example thanks to the use of side tufts or long and important fringes that fall on only one of the two sides
  • Asymmetry at the level of general styling, that is, with layers concentrated in different points of the hair - not necessarily only at the length level - which make it an irregular and non-symmetrical cut.

In short, you will have understood that by asymmetrical cut we mean all the possible hairstyles that show off different volume levels and do not respond to the classic rules of equal cuts with clear and symmetrical lines.

At this point let's see who the asymmetrical cut is good for, how to wear it and how to choose it based on the shape of the face and the type of hair.

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Asymmetrical cut: who is it good for?

Who is the asymmetrical cut good for? As anticipated, in theory it suits everyone, but just choose it in the right version. To do this, it is necessary to take into account two aspects:

  • hair type
  • face shape

As for the first point, it must be said that the asymmetrical cut certainly makes more on thick and not too thin hair. But do not despair women with fine hair, there is obviously a way to enhance it even in these cases: for example, combining it with a wavy styling - which creates more volume - or choosing a full asymmetrical cut, always in order to thicken the look. hair, and which therefore concentrates its asymmetry only at the level of the lengths, like the classic cut longer in front and shorter behind, in fact.

As for the second point, the question is a bit more complex and therefore deserves more attention. In general, however, the yield of the asymmetrical cut depends a lot on the type of face that you sport, so here are all the best options based on the shape of the face. .

With a regular face and harmonious features, as you can imagine, you can freely range between all the variations of the asymmetrical cut.

If you have a round face, it would be better to choose a cut that slims the face and breaks its roundness, suggesting greater harmony. Therefore, in these cases, helmets and long bobs that are longer in front and shorter behind combined with a side tuft or a side line are perfect: in fact, the full and symmetrical bangs and above all the line in the middle, which would make the face even more round, are to be avoided. Even the scaling in this case is an "excellent solution because they break the horizontality of the face, so medium and long fashioned cuts are welcome, especially starting from the lengths, and combined with fringes and irregular and important tufts that fall only on one side.

Those with a square face can opt for a medium-short marched cut combined with a wavy styling, perfect for softening angular features and softening the shape of the face. Also in this case, avoid symmetrical bangs and central line, which would only underline the hardness of the corners of the face. If for the round face the best measure is the long one, for a square face it is better to stay on a medium-short length, with scales concentrated right at the cheekbone level.

If you sport an elongated oval, it would be good to avoid the longer cut in front and shorter in the back with a central line because it would emphasize even more the verticality of the face; better to opt for a half-length parade and with a side tuft or a long and frayed fringe that falls only on one side. In this case, it fills the face and breaks the excessive verticality. With long and triangular faces, it is still better to avoid long cuts and instead focus on the short and medium size.

With faces in the shape of a heart or diamond, with an angular chin and protruding jaws, it would be preferable to choose a medium-short cut that concentrates its asymmetries with thick scales at chin height. In this case, therefore, the deconstructed bob is perfect, a super asymmetrical scaled bob that gives movement, giving harmony where there is a need to soften angular features or important and square faces.

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Short asymmetrical cut: all the most beautiful xxs versions!

After having seen the best options for each type of face, let's now see specifically the various asymmetrical cuts, starting from the short one.

Short asymmetrical cuts are among the absolute favorites and there are many short size variants to choose from for an irregular and dynamic cut full of charm.

Those who want only a slight hint of asymmetry, can also opt for a short haircut, marched or even as it is, and simply add a jagged and scaled fringe or an important side tuft that suggest an irregular glam-chic touch.

If, on the other hand, you want a more decisive asymmetrical cut, opt for a short bob longer in front and shorter in the back or a deconstructed bob which, as just mentioned, with its intense scaling is able to suggest different levels of volume, creating dynamism and movement. .

Lovers of very short cuts, on the other hand, can go for irregular and super-scaled pixie cuts, undercut cuts shaved on one side or pixie tousled with a long tuft that falls on one side: all very short hairstyles with boyish appeal and asymmetrical charm.

Medium asymmetrical cut: the choices of medium size

Among the medium asymmetrical cuts it is undoubtedly the wavy bob to depopulate. Whether it is parade and dynamic, on par but with side scaled fringe or longer in front and shorter in back, the wob is the fascinating and irresistible half-size that conquers everyone. Even the smooth long bob, however, especially in the long front and short back variant, is one of the most popular asymmetrical versions of all time, also highly appreciated by stars and celebrities, including Gwyneth Paltrow, the first to clear it and make it an iconic and super fashion hairstyle .

Long asymmetrical cut

On long hair, the asymmetrical cut can be substantially rendered in two ways: with intense scaling, concentrated above all on the sides of the face for a decidedly more dynamic cut, or with a more regular and equal styling combined with a frayed and irregular bangs, whether it is short on one side of the face only, or a side tuft.

Curly asymmetrical cut: the perfect match for wild hair

The asymmetrical haircut is just the ideal hairstyle for curls. Not only does it allow you to give an original shape to your hair, but it also allows you to better manage the curls. That's right, often an asymmetrical cut, when it comes to dealing with with wild hair, it is the perfect solution to avoid finding yourself with a shapeless and voluminous mass, very difficult to manage and far from being fashionable and original.

So here are the best asymmetrical cut choices for those who sport curly hair:

  • the classic asymmetrical cut longer in front and shorter in back
  • a medium cut longer on one side and shorter on the other
  • a medium-long cut with scaling here and there, like a sort of deconstructed bob a little less short and scaled so that it can be managed more easily
  • Important lateral tuft on a medium-long fairly even

Remember then that to show flawless curly hair it is necessary to take care of it in the right way.

Wavy asymmetrical cut: waves for a "sweeter" asymmetry

The asymmetrical cut combined with the wavy styling is the most romantic and feminine match, perfect even where you want to soften a face that is too hard and angular or of not very harmonious features, as already mentioned above. It is also highly appreciated in the posh version slightly longer in front or in the more glam-rock climbed and deconstructed version - in both cases, even better if combined with the middle line, just as celebrities from all over the world like it so much, who show it off. in everyday life and in the most elegant gala evenings.

And if you have straight hair, but want to get delicate and natural waves, know that you can easily do it on your own too. Here is the video that explains how to make beach waves comfortably at home!

Smooth asymmetrical cut: the long bob longer in front and shorter in back

It goes without saying that the smooth asymmetrical cut par excellence is the longest long bob in front and shorter in the back, better if combined with the middle part, so as to accentuate the asymmetry of the styling, which with a side line or a side tuft would be lost a little '. But be careful if you have a long or triangular face, because this type of cut could lengthen it even more and suggest a sense of greater verticality. In these cases, rather choose a shot bob that is always longer in front and shorter in the back: shortening it even a little, and keeping it under the ears, already helps a lot, and your face will be more harmonious. If you prefer a lighter asymmetry, go side parting or long and jagged side tufts.

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