Curly haircuts: which one to choose based on the face and the most beautiful of the season!

If you are looking for a curly haircut that you value yourself to the fullest, you have to take into account some considerations before rushing to the hairdresser with clear ideas and a specific photo that illustrates the perfect hedgehog for you. In fact, not all the cuts we like are suitable for us and our face, but there are the right haircuts, which can even improve our appearance, hide defects and enhance its strengths and strengths. When you decide to cut your hair, you should therefore do some reflections first, which will help you choose the best for you. Below you will find some tips that can be right for you and the most beautiful curly hairstyles of the season from which to take inspiration for an original and fashionable cut.

One of the first things to take into consideration when cutting your hair, besides clearly the type of hair you wear - and curly women know it well! - is to identify the type of face you have. In fact, each type of face has a specific haircut that is more suitable than others capable of enhancing it to the fullest. This is even more true for curly hair which, as we well know, are rather difficult to manage, which is solved quickly by choosing the right cut, also based on the characteristics and shape of your face.

But before proceeding in detail, let's see the coolest curly hairstyles of the season from which to be inspired to change your look or give a little character to your hedgehog, enhancing it at its best with the right trendy hairstyle.

Curly hair 2018: the most fashionable cuts of the summer!

Beyond the curly haircuts that best match your face and that we will see soon, there are many ideas that the 2018 hair fashion offers for your curls. It must be admitted that one of the most suitable looks for those with thick and rebellious hair, is the long bob, the medium length cut that has the great advantage of being good for all types of face and which is an optimal solution for curls. and practice. Furthermore, one of the top trends of summer 2018 is the curly lob with important fringe, a sort of swag cut that pays homage to the styles in vogue in the Eighties. And for short cuts? Scaling, asymmetries and side tufts are the words of "order if you show off a lion's hair.

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Curly hair: the best products to show off a hedgehog at the top!

Before reviewing all the most suitable cuts for those who sport curly hair, we cannot fail to make a necessary premise: the first step to show off a healthy and wild hair at the right point is undoubtedly dedicating constant care to it and using ad hoc products. , specific for curly hair that, first of all, avoid the very unpleasant frizz effect. Below you can find a series of products indicated for a complete and effective care of curly hair: from shampoo to cut - perfect for combating dry and brittle hair - with balm, up to nourishing masks, energizing and refreshing sprays, a modeling gel with an anti-frizz effect and even a specific brush that easily detangles knots without hurting.

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And if you want to do it yourself, here is an easy way to prepare a home made hair mask based on 100% natural ingredients!

Curly haircuts for the round face

If you have a round and chubby face, do not choose curly haircuts that are too short and square, but focus on a choice that helps you to wear out your face. Perfect in this case long or medium-length hair, such as asymmetrical and pulled long bob, especially if you have very voluminous and full hair.

Curly haircuts for those with an oval face

Those with an oval face can consider themselves quite lucky; this type of face in fact, goes well with any type of cut: short, medium, long, even if, being curly hair, it would be better to always avoid too short or precise yokes that could guarantee an excess of volume. Slightly different speech if you have wavy hair or a less important curl: in this case you can also risk shorter cuts as they can be tamed more easily.

Curly haircuts for the square face

The goal in this case is undoubtedly to soften the features: perfect for square faces, a voluminous and full curl, made more dynamic by the choice of a soft side tuft.

Curly haircuts for those with heart-shaped or diamond-shaped faces

Those who have a heart or diamond-shaped face, therefore with a slightly protruding chin, should choose cuts that fill the cheekbones to soften the square face and thus make it more harmonious. The ideal length in these cases is a long bob, more or less marched: it is better not to choose excessively short cuts that could emphasize the cheekbones even more.

Curly haircuts for the elongated face

An elongated face can be enhanced with two different types of cuts if you have curly hair: a first choice includes bobs and rather full short cuts that thus counterbalance the sense of verticality transmitted by the oval; while a second option is to maintain a long cut, always choosing the volume and a fluffy hair. In fact, avoid scaling your hair excessively, as to make your slightly elongated oval more harmonious it is necessary to fill in and not empty. Perfect in these cases bangs and tufts, even better if irregular and asymmetrical.