Symptoms When You Need More Of Vitamin D

Symptoms When You Need More Of Vitamin D

Vitamin D is one of the most important and essential vitamins that is needed by our body. Because it plays a vital role for our different organisms. The uniqueness of this vitamin is that it acts a like a hormone in our body.

Some specific dairy products and food contain vitamin D. But you can’t actually get enough of it from a single diet. The daily intake of Vitamin D should be near about 400-800 IU. You can also take more than that according to some experts.

The deficiency of Vitamin D is very common among people. Near about 1 billion people around the world suffer from the deficiency of this vitamin and consume a very low level of Vitamin D in their blood.

Reasons Of Having Vitamin D Deficiency

There are some common reasons for having Vitamin D deficiency. Those are:

  • Possessing darker skin
  • Being aged
  • Getting overweight
  • Not having an appropriate amount of fish or milk
  • Living in such a place where there is a low level of sunlight around the year.
  • Always applying sunscreen lotion on the body and not allowing sun rays to touch your skin
  • Always living indoors

Those who live near the equator and can get a proper amount of sunlight are less likely to suffer from the deficiency of Vitamin D.

Sometimes people are even unaware of the fact that are deficient of Vitamin D. This is because the symptoms are not easily noticeable.

Signs And Symptoms Of Being Deficient Of Vitamin D

Falling Sick and Often Getting Infected

Vitamin D helps you to fight with all the bacteria and viruses that live in your body. It keeps your immune system more active and strong and gives you the strength to fight against the illness.

Thus whenever you are falling sick, that indicates that you are running low levels of Vitamin D in your body. According to lots of previous studies, it is also suggested that taking daily dosages of vitamin D supplements can reduce the chances of frequent infections in your body.

Vitamin D is very important for your immune system. Regular intake of this fine vitamin will always lessen the chances of you to fall sick and getting infected.

Having Fatigue and Extreme Tiredness

Getting tiredness is not necessarily always for working hard or going through pressure. Sometimes it’s also because you are deficient of Vitamin D. But unfortunately this cause is always overlooked and not taken into consideration.

Studies have shown that when you are having low Vitamin D in your body; you are having low blood levels. That leads to fatigue and affect very negatively on your life.

According to one of the studies, a woman complained of having fatigue and headaches and it was found that she was having only 5.9ng/ml of blood level. Whereas, even having a blood level of lower than 20ng/ml is taken as the deficiency.

The woman was suggested to take supplements of Vitamin D and then she increased her level to 39ng/ml and also got improvement in her health conditions.

Pain in the Back and Bone

Your bone health is also partly maintained by Vitamin D. It ensures that your body absorbs calcium in a proper way.

When you get pain in the bone and lower back, that could be a symptom of Vitamin D deficiency. Lower back pain due to the lacking of Vitamin D is mostly faced by older women according to a study. Because they unknowingly reduce the daily intake of Vitamin D and this results in pain in the back and bone.

Vitamin D deficiency leads to pain in different joints of the body, ribs, and legs. Someone having low blood levels of this vitamin suffers from this pain compared to people with a normal range of blood levels.

Getting Depressed

Depression is also a symptom of Vitamin D deficiency.

According to studies this particularly goes with older adults. And there is a strong relationship between depression and low blood levels.

But this does not go with all types of depression. Vitamin D mainly helps to improve seasonal depression. And there are some specific Vitamin D supplements that can improve mood.

Slow Healing of Wound

When there is a very slow healing of wounds after an operation or even a little injury; that indicates a deficiency of Vitamin D. This only happens when Vitamin D levels in your blood are very low.

When you are going through the wound healing process Vitamin D helps in new skin formation. Because it boosts the compounds that are required to form the new layer of skin.

This vitamin also fights back with the infection. And this is very important for the proper healing of any wound in your body.

Getting Rid of Vitamin D Deficiency is Not That Hard

As mentioned earlier, Vitamin D deficiency is common among people and they are hardly aware of it.

It is very obvious that there are no specific symptoms to actually figure out that there is a deficiency of Vitamin D in your blood. So if you feel like you are getting deficient of Vitamin D, measure your blood levels and speak to a doctor.

A Good part of this Vitamin is that the deficiency of this Vitamin can be easily recovered. It can be done by increasing sun exposure, eating more foods enriched with Vitamin D and other supplements.

Fix Vitamin D deficiency in your blood levels and get bigger benefits of health.