"No, it actually means yes": guilty victims. The shock survey that will make you shiver

Rape and sexual violence are terms that, sadly, have entered the common language. Ipsos, a leading company in the research sector, conducted a study at the request of the "Mémoire traumatique et victimologie" association. 1000 people of age were involved and it emerged that no, the fault is not just the rapist.

40% of the interviewees maintain that the responsibility of the "aggressor is mitigated if the victim has assumed provocative attitudes, 27% take refuge in the classic"if the is sought"and again, 76% said that women tend to exaggerate by denouncing as" violence "practices that men consider absolutely normal. They are considered envious of men and in need of attention.

"These beliefs can have devastating effects. If this is really the way of thinking it seems that women are not capable of deciding for themselves and that they always need a man to guide them without even having the possibility to deny themselves because - poor, I don't lot what they want- ".

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When "no" means "yes" (and not NO)

Two out of ten people agreed with the idea thatmany women say -no- but mean the "exact opposite" or that some girls like being forced. Data that make you shiver especially because they come from a sample between 18 and 24 years of age.
41% say that it is enough to fight to avert violence, clenched fists and crushes, as if the strength of a man was not objectively greater than that of a woman.

The vague definition that allows too much

Despite some reassuring data, 95% of the interviewees realize the consequences that sexual violence has on a person, ignorance on the subject is still too much.
Few people know that most of the time the violent is known and that too many attacks take place at home.
Being informed and supportive would not solve the root problem but it would certainly make us feel less alone.

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