Chronic constipation: the 5 grandmother's remedies

Chronic constipation is a fairly common disorder. A sedentary lifestyle and a "disordered diet, unfortunately, tend to aggravate this problem that afflicts so many of us and that can become really annoying.

There are no written rules regarding constipation, each intestine is a case in itself. However, doctors agree that chronic constipation is when you are unable to go to the bathroom at least twice a week. If he does not pass within 3-4 days, he suffers from functional constipation. The advice of the grandmother that we suggest will be useful regardless of your frequency.

A healthy and regular intestine is important not only for our physical but also psychological well-being! It is no coincidence that there are those who refer to the intestine as a "second brain", linked as it "is to our moods and our emotions ... In fact, stress can also be counted among the causes of constipation. Let's find out together the 5 best grandmother's remedies to fight it in a natural way:

1. Physical activity: remedy no. 1 against chronic constipation

Physical activity is essential to get your bowels in order. Movement will greatly help the body to regulate its activity. You will not have to overdo it, the important thing is to train constantly.

Running is certainly one of the most recommended activities against chronic constipation. If you don't have time, you just need to walk briskly for at least one hour a day. In particular, try to walk after having eaten a meal. The abdominal exercises are also very useful: in this way, in addition to fighting constipation, you will also get a nice flat stomach! Try these here:

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2. Grandma's remedies for constipation: drink, drink, drink

Drinking a lot is essential to be able to go to the bathroom on a regular basis. The water helps the transit of feces and purifies your body. As soon as you wake up, never forget to drink a nice glass of still water at room temperature on an empty stomach. You can add a few drops of olive oil.

Drinking lukewarm water throughout the day can also help. Prepare a couple of glasses and sip them in peace. Also in this case, the addition of an oil such as flaxseed can help. For the rest, the canonical 2 liters a day should not be taken away by anyone! Bye, bye constipation!

3. Foods recommended as a remedy for chronic constipation

The number one advice for proper nutrition to combat constipation is known: consume foods that contain a lot of fiber. Fibers are the most functional natural remedy against constipation because they promote intestinal mobility.

The most recommended foods, to be consumed in large quantities if you suffer from this problem, are green leafy vegetables, laxative foods par excellence. Try to consume at least one daily portion of vegetables such as boiled beets, or spinach, ribs, cabbage. You will soon see the desired results.

You can also try to take a natural herbal supplement even just for preventive purposes to promote intestinal regularity.

Another recommended food are prunes, which you can also consume in the excellent dry variant, in which the number of fibers is even higher. Eat 3 or 4 before going to bed. These, however, are the foods to absolutely avoid if you suffer of chronic constipation:

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4. Combat chronic constipation with mallow

Mallow is a natural emollient and consuming it in an excellent herbal tea can be a particularly effective remedy for chronic constipation.

In fact, mallow contains many mucilages that lubricate the intestine, making the stool softer. Ask the herbalist's shop for mallow flowers and prepare an infusion, perhaps adding some linseed oil. Sipping this drink before bed will help you with defecation the next morning.

5. Miniclisteri and glycerin against chronic constipation

If you have not been able to go to the bathroom for too long, the most effective grandmother's remedy is to try an enema or glycerin suppositories. In the pharmacy or on Amazon you can find very comfortable and ready-made miniclisteri, or you can prepare one yourself with warm water in which to dissolve glycerin or olive oil.
If you prefer suppositories, click here.
It is an effective remedy and with practically immediate results! But be careful not to overdo it.

For more useful information on chronic constipation, you can visit the San Raffaele Hospital website.

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