Prepare your homemade popsicles at home, for the arrival of spring!

Spring is coming fast, closely followed by summer! These two seasons are long awaited after a long and rigorous winter. As soon as the first rays of the sun arrive on the terrace, we already want to go out in shorts, sipping a cocktail ... or savoring a popsicle! As an alternative to supermarket ice cream, we propose you to create your own, using only fresh fruit without adding sugars and preservatives with our selection of special molds.
Your kids will love them!

Set of 10 iNeibo silicone molds

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Set of 4 Iékué stackable molds

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Set of 6 Chuzy Chef drip tray molds

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6 molds in the shape of Abeba fish

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Set of 6 molds for small round popsicles


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