Fashion DIY / Follow the step by step tutorial and find out how to create a Blackboard Brooch

Today, the DaWanda team, the European market where you can buy original and handmade items from artisans, designers and creatives from all over the world, teaches us to create these nice pins with a blackboard surface, on which you can write or draw with some simple colored chalks.

Follow the step by step photo tutorial and create your own handmade chalkboard pin!

1. Prepare what you need

Prepare all the materials you will need and the black chalkboard paint or in the colors of your choice. You can also choose the shape of the brooch. We have opted for a round one, but you can also choose rhombuses, rectangles, trapezes ...

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2. It's time to paint

Now paint the base you want to use for your pin with chalkboard paint. You can use both plexiglass and wood (or plywood). Let it dry and then give it another coat to make sure the coverage is sufficient.

3. Glue the brooch

Glue the base of your brooch with hot glue or all-purpose stick.

4. Decorate ... et voilà!

Now make room for your own or the children's imagination! Take some colored chalks and start drawing or writing on your brooch.

The tutorial is made by the DaWanda community