SOS dark circles! 6 moves to reduce them as soon as possible

Dark circles and swollen eyelids are among our bitter enemies during the last month of the year. Fatigue, the stress of Christmas shopping, and holiday preparations will likely cause them to escalate even further. What to do to reduce these signs when you have a short time?

We have the answers: here are 6 tips and home remedies to help relieve your puffy eyes!

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1. Keep it cool!

This is the classic grandma's beauty trick: in the case of puffy eyes, leave a spoon in the fridge overnight, then put it on your eyes the next morning. This is the almost instant solution to reducing the signs of fatigue, but in case you are looking for something more effective, we recommend the jade roller, a well-known beauty accessory in Asia that is becoming very popular all over the world. Its ergonomic design allows you to massage the entire face, not just the eye area, stimulating blood circulation and bringing more blood (and therefore more nutrients) to the facial skin.

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2. A relaxing massage works wonders

The swelling is due to the accumulation of fluids in the eye area, caused by tiredness and little rest. That's why a quick and light relaxing massage in the eye area together with a dark circle cream can immediately reduce puffiness making your eyes look lighter. Just gently massage the area under the eyes and on the eyelids with your fingertips, making a movement from the inside out.

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3. Delicate coverage with roll-on BB cream

To quickly reduce dark circles without adding several layers of makeup, we recommend a roll-on BB cream capable of nourishing the skin and smoothing out its tone in a natural way. We recommend the Garnier BB cream roll-on available on Amazon for € 12.89.

Tip: to get an instant effect, try keeping the BB cream in the fridge to keep it fresh to make the reduction of dark circles and puffiness even faster and more effective.

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4. Water, water, water!

The most important rule in the fight against puffy eyes: hydration! Water avoids water retention and thins the blood, thus obtaining a "washing" effect on your capillaries and helping to decrease dark circles and the accumulation of liquids that cause the dreaded bags under the eyes!

So, a nice glass of water at room temperature when you wake up is the best way to get a bright face in the morning, both for the visible reduction of dark circles and for the wonderful results on the skin of the face.

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5. Fresh tea bags

Do you like to drink a nice chamomile before bed? Do not throw the sachet away, but leave it in the fridge overnight. Just like the spoon, a cold sachet of chamomile tea in the morning helps reduce swelling almost instantly.

Be careful with dark teas! If you use tea bags instead of chamomile, the risk is that in the long term the skin around the eyes will darken further. Therefore always focus on clear infusions with anti-inflammatory properties, such as chamomile and lemon balm.

6. Reduce salt and alcohol

We all know: eating too much salt and especially drinking a lot of alcohol is a very bad habit for health! Dark circles and bags under the eyes are also likely to get worse.

Excessive consumption of alcohol or too salty foods can reduce lymphatic flow.

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