Dreaming of worms - dream meaning and interpretation

Dreaming of worms can be impressive, but it is not a rare dream: many happen to dream of worms in their bed, on their body, white worms or worms that come out everywhere ... What is the meaning of these dreams? The interpretations are different and also depend on the context, as we are going to analyze. Generally, however, dreaming of worms means that you are experiencing a period of your life that is not without problems ... On the other hand, worms, first of all, arouse repulsion!

What does it mean to dream of worms? The meaning of worms in dreams

According to Freud, the father of the interpretation of dreams, dreaming of worms refers to a phallic symbol: the worm would represent the penis, as happens for the snake. More generally, worms become a symbol of libido, but also of a sense of inadequacy on the part of those who dream, of regression Dreaming of worms would therefore refer to a sexuality lived in a destructive way.

The worm in a dream can also appear as an expression of weakness and vulnerability on the part of the dreamer: it can indicate that one feels in a period of one's life in which problems haunt us, weaken us, making us feel "invertebrates", powerless.

Dreaming of worms can express feelings of negativity that we are experiencing in our life, from disgust and annoyance to a sense of invasion or rejection to one of inferiority or meanness. There may be a mean person in our life, who disgusts us, who lacks values ​​and morality, or we may have had this impression about ourselves. Often dreaming of worms means that we are surrounded by people we don't like and don't make us feel good.

A worm can also symbolize a pregnancy in dreams: it does not have, in this case, a "positive meaning, but is linked to the sense of" invasion "of the newcomer. Finally, worms can be linked to health problems (especially the" intestine) or symbolize death.

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Dreaming of worms in the bed or at home - what does it mean to dream of worms coming out everywhere?

Among the most common dreams related to worms, there are those in which worms come out all over our home. Dreaming of having worms in the house (in the bed, on the floor, in the walls, on the ground ...) represents a sense of invasion that can come from the outside (for example from the presence in our life of one or more toxic and harmful people ), or by ourselves: the worms in our apartment would then represent parts of us that we do not accept, that we try to remove, but which still return to the surface.

Dreaming of worms in the bed amplifies this sense of intrusion: according to the interpretation of dreams, it has to do with our sentimental and sexual life, which at this moment we feel as not reassuring, but threatened by external presences.

If in the dream the worms come out of the tap, the toilet or the bathtub, it could indicate a difficulty on your part in getting rid of thoughts, emotions and fears that you try in every way not to see, to repress, but which come back with force. in the form of worms.

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Dreaming of worms on your body: what is the interpretation of this dream?

Dreaming of worms invading or exiting parts of our body - no matter how creepy it may be - is just as common. This kind of dreams is always linked to the presence of negative people in our life or problems that "invade" us without allowing us to keep anxiety in check ...

If in the dream you have one or more worms in your head, in your hair, it means that it is our negative thoughts that invade us, especially if related to problems that haunt our life at this moment. But when the worms are under the skin, it means that the problem in question is something deeper, which has crept into us.

If the worms simply walk on our body, it means that there is something that bothers us, a "slimy" person, harassing, from which we cannot free ourselves. If the worms come out of our eyes, it could mean our refusal to accept. something bad that we have seen, or the tendency to see life in a negative way.

A worm in the tooth, on the other hand, can be interpreted as a negative emotion that is "eating us from within", while a worm in the ear indicates that something has been heard that has really disgusted us. Finally, having worms in the intimate parts is once again linked to sexuality: it can represent a form of judgment that we feel weighing on us, a feeling of helplessness or inadequacy, a moral repulsion or some kind of repression due to our education, which does not allow us to fully experience the pleasure of the body.

Dreaming of white worms - here is the interpretation of the dream!

If generally the worms in dreams are dark or green-yellow in color, it can happen to dream of white worms. This color gives the interpretation of the dream a slightly different and more positive meaning: the white worms, in fact, could represent our thoughts, our ideas, a creative energy that has not yet found the right shape.

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Dreaming of eating, throwing up or killing a worm - what does it mean?

It can happen to dream of eating a worm or more worms: this kind of dream can be linked to a digestive problem (if we actually have a stomach ache during the night) or indicate, in a symbolic way, the difficulty we are experiencing in throwing down. a situation that just doesn't suit us. It could mean that we feel obligated to do something that deeply disgusts us.

If, on the other hand, in dreams we do not eat worms, but spit them or vomit them, the meaning is reversed: it means that we are freeing ourselves (or that we need to get rid of) problems, thoughts, people who bother us a lot.

Finally, dreaming of killing worms (whether it is burning them or crushing them) is definitely positive: according to the interpretation of dreams, this means that we have finally found the strength to face our problems and assert ourselves.

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