Dreaming of shoes: new, broken, white, old, for men ... what is the meaning?

Dreaming of shoes is very common and can have different meanings. Of course, dreaming of new shoes will hardly have the same meaning as dreaming of old, broken or pierced shoes, just as dreaming of sneakers or men's shoes will not be the same as dreaming of white shoes or dreaming of shoes in disorder.

To understand what it means to dream of shoes, it will be necessary to have some more details and, below, we will examine the most recurring situations. In general, however, we can say that shoes represent our relationship with reality, the role we play on a social level and, consequently, our very identity. They can also refer to something that we are not yet, but that we would like to be.

Dreaming of shoes can symbolize the way we walk in the world and therefore indicate the situation and the moment we are living. According to Freud, moreover, it can have a connotation of a sexual nature and therefore be closely linked to eros. Heeled shoes, in particular, are a symbol of the seductive power of women ... if you love wearing them, don't miss this video:

Dreaming of new shoes - what is the meaning?

Dreaming of new shoes is perhaps one of the most recurring dreams. If you are wondering what this means, it is easy to say: if you dream of buying new shoes, it means that your unconscious is preparing you for a big change. Something in your life is about to change: maybe you are preparing for a new job, a new role, a new city, a new relationship ... Whatever path you are about to take, those new shoes represent the very fact that you are. ready: change is near and you will face it with the utmost confidence in yourself and in your abilities!

Dreaming of new shoes is therefore completely positive. It is different if, on the other hand, in the dream you find yourself in a shop full of new shoes, but you don't know which one to choose, or if you can't find one that suits you or is right for you. In this case the dream manifests your difficulty in facing the change in question. There may be something that does not convince you or that scares you.

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Dreaming of old, broken, punctured or breaking shoes - this is the meaning!

If, on the other hand, you have happened to dream of old shoes, it means that you can no longer recognize yourself in a certain role or in a certain situation. You feel that you have changed, but you don't find a way in everyday life to express this new part of you, and you feel so "confined" to your old shoes ... You will have to work on yourself to let a new one emerge at its best. yourself, it is your unconscious that asks you!

Dreaming of broken shoes, with holes in them or that break, then, has yet another meaning: it is an expression of a sense of inadequacy and personal discomfort. You have a lack of confidence in yourself and in your abilities, you do not feel able to face a problem or, more generally, the challenges that life is presenting you. Strength and courage that you will make it!

What does it mean to dream of white shoes?

Dreaming of white shoes is generally associated with a precise meaning: that of a symbolic rebirth. If you have dreamed of white shoes it means that a completely positive change is approaching, that exciting news will arrive soon and they will find you super-ready!

The white color, in fact, is associated precisely with the search for change, the beneficial transformation, the need to live a better life that responds to our dreams and expectations. Dreaming of white shoes means having faith in this positive change.

Dreaming of sneakers - what is the meaning?

Sneakers are obviously associated with movement, dynamism and therefore, also in this case, with change and, in particular, with a quick and sudden change! If you dream that you are wearing sneakers, it means that you want a quick change in your life.

It may be that you carry out a routine job, which sees you many hours a day at the same desk ... your dream is asking you to get up and "run" towards a new life, which is more lively and active, in every sense .

This dream could therefore be associated with a sense of lack of concern for one's present, becoming an expression of a deep desire for change.

What does it mean to dream of men's shoes?

Dreaming of men's shoes has a very specific psychological meaning: it expresses your need to receive protection and support, understood both in a psychological and a more material sense. It is not necessarily a question of help that must come to us from outside, but of a request for help that we make to ourselves.

Our unconscious needs someone who gives it courage and strength. Are you ready to become your own prince charming?

Dreaming of messy shoes - this is what it means!

If you have ever dreamed of so many shoes in disorder, the meaning is only one: you have a terrible and desperate need to put some order in your life! You are experiencing a moment of emotional instability and you feel lacking in points of reference.

Dreaming of shoes in disorder symbolizes the unequivocal need to "rearrange" your present, your priorities and, in fact, your very existence, in order to find your place in the world, what you can feel as truly yours!

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