Dreaming of cutting your hair - what does it mean?

Dreaming of cutting your hair is much more frequent than you think. It is, in fact, a very widespread dream and asking ourselves about its meaning can help us understand what are the desires that our unconscious, through that "image, is communicating to us.

Dreams, in fact, are the way in which the unconscious manages to express what we might not even be able to admit when awake ... Understanding their meaning is important and, in a certain sense, almost curative. here are some meanings of the most frequent dreams that we find ourselves having.

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What does it mean, in general, to dream of hair?

Hair represents a vital part of us, the one linked to strength and energy. At the same time, especially for women, hair is an image of seduction and sensuality. In fact, there are many cultures in which hair is become a symbol of beauty.

Finally, as an element attached to the head and brain, they have to do with reason, thoughts and, consequently, with our will. Hair dreaming can be linked to any of these meanings, based on the context and action in which they are involved.

We recommend that you read Sigmund Freud's famous book "The Interpretation of Dreams":

What does it mean to dream of cutting your hair?

Dreaming of cutting your hair expresses a deep need for change: there is something in the situation we are experiencing that we just don't like and we want at all costs to "cut" it out of our life.

Even in everyday life, if you think about it, a hair change is a good way to feel like different people: dreaming about it is an expression of this same need.

And dreaming of cutting your hair very short or shaving it?

In this case, the dream can be the expression of a desire for repression, the desire to leave behind a particularly negative episode or event ... At the same time it can represent a sacrifice of oneself or, better said, of a part of himself "- the same that we want to leave behind.

What does it mean if someone cuts (or tears) them by force?

In a nightmare of this kind, a real act of castration is represented: we feel that that particular person or situation he embodies is taking away our vital force, energy. We feel it as negative and castrating, in fact, for ourselves.

What if I dream of getting a hideous cut?

In this case, once again, it is likely that you are experiencing a situation in which you cannot really find yourself and your deepest nature: this is why you don't like the cut, you wear clothes in which "you don't see yourself" .
Alternatively, it can be an expression of strong insecurity, low self-esteem, and concern with the judgment of others.

Throughout history, many people have tried to study a person's bond with their hair.
In "The language of hair" you can read some of the most important texts.

What if it's a nice cut instead?

If you dream of getting a breathtaking cut, which makes you feel really beautiful, then it means that you are experiencing a moment of great strength, your unconscious has managed (or is ready to) overcome a phase of discomfort. Now you are ready to be reborn, more beautiful than before. Why not really go to the hairdresser? Here are some medium cuts to inspire you this winter:

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If the topic interests you, keep the "Dictionary of Dreams" at home to find out the meaning of everything you dream about.

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