5 models of bright sneakers for children under € 30

You wanted them so much as a child and now that you are a mom, your kids dream of a pair of bright sneakers every time they see another child wearing them.
Growing up though, your thoughts have changed!
Now the charm fails in favor of worry. Will they be safe for your children to wear?
Good news, today's bright sneakers are safe! Equipped with LED lights, they turn on at the slightest blow and it really takes one step to make children happy.
The greatest convenience is that you can easily recharge them via USB while the children are asleep.
So why not please them?
Here are 5 perfect models for your little ones, all for less than 30 €!

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LeKuni LED Shoes

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LED shoes is certainly not synonymous with sobriety!
So live the color, with these LED shoes by LeKuni with soles that light up with a beautiful blue light that highlights the metallic blue of the shoes.
The shoes are faux leather and you can re-create them by attaching them to the PC when the LEDs are out.

Buy on Amazon for € 26.99

DoGeek LED Shoes

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For little dreamers, a nice shoe with lights and wings.
To fly high with your imagination and be enchanted by its thousand lights.
This DoGeek model is available in 7 different colors.
You will find a little button hidden between the first and second hole of the laces and just press it to change the light.

Buy on Amazon for € 27.99

Wildfire Vine LED Shoes

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Like precious pearls of light, these fairy lights illuminate and embellish this Wildfire model.
Perfect for boys and girls.
It will be great to run, play, walk and watch your children smile in amazement when they see their shoes light up!

Buy on Amazon for € 23.99

Bangbei Sneakers Flashing LED

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As in the Cinderella fairy tale, give your daughter this Bangbei model perfect to accompany a real princess to a ball in a castle (or to a friend's birthday).
Let her have fun and charm everyone with her beautiful magic shoes, only instead of crystal they will have lights!

Buy on Amazon for € 20

Liuche HD LED Baby Shoes

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This model will blow your mind. Nothing is more adorable than a child who is still too young to run around alone. But it would be great if your children's first steps were to take place with these bright mini shoes for babies.
Light up the magic of the first steps!

Buy on Amazon for € 8.63

DoGeek LED laces

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Make all the sneakers you want special with these magical LED laces.
If you are undecided between all the models available, these luminous laces are the best solution.
And above all you can also wear them on your sneakers and play with your children!

Buy on Amazon for € 6.99 <

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