Nail polish for short nails: the most suitable colors and textures to enhance them!

Who says that only women with tapered fingers and long nails can have a dream manicure? In fact, even short nails, if well valued, can afford impeccable and fashionable nail polishes, without having anything to envy to the hands of a femme fatale, which often risk being even a little vulgar.

But what are the most suitable nail polishes for short nails? First of all, it must be said that before talking about the most suitable colors and textures, it is necessary to spend a few words on the shape of the nail to be privileged and the method of applying the enamel. Yes, because to give a lengthening effect to the nail, it would be better choose an oval or pointed shape, without forgetting to completely eliminate the cuticles, a trick that allows you to gain precious millimeters and to further streamline the nail.

How to put nail polish on short nails

A little trick to follow when applying the polish on short nails is to keep a few millimeters free on the sides, without spreading it over the entire surface, thus giving an optical lengthening effect.

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Nail polish for short nails - the most suitable colors

And now we come to the key topic: what are the most suitable nail polish colors for short nails? In general, the main rule to follow is to always prefer bright and brilliant colors, because, if the dark ones tend to shrink, those clear instead, to open and enlarge. This does not mean that you should choose only light colors, quite the opposite, but that if you opt for dark shades, such as black, smoky gray or navy blue, it would be better to stay on the variants pearly or metallic, and not matt, as they are brighter.

The bright colors and pop hues are very good, such as yellow, fuchsia, orange, bright purple and acid green, as well as glitter and red nail polish, a true undisputed evergreen. Even pastel shades - as long as they are not too dull - lend themselves well to short nails: from lilac to candy pink, melon, smurf blue and mint green.

On the other hand, light gray, pearly white and nude should be avoided, as they are dull shades that tend to shorten and make the fingers more stocky.

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Nail polish for short nails - the most suitable textures

A fundamental detail, especially for those with short nails, is the use of a glossy or gel effect top coat. In fact, a super glossy patina helps to illuminate and enlarge. Absolutely avoid matt or velvety textures.

Here are all the perfect nail polishes for those with short nails!

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