Nails 2016: nail polishes, nail art and spring summer trends

If the imperative for makeup is to be daring, the nail trends of spring summer 2016 oscillate between the sobriety of the nude look - with forays into the pastel shades so loved by Pantone - and an "explosion of color with geometric and effect nail art.

Nude will be the real protagonist of the 2016 nails, in shades of soft pink, beige and sand, up to greige, a new chromatic mix so much in vogue in this period that represents one of the most chic and fashionable versions of natural manicure.

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Continuing on the sober side, even the pastel colors are among the nail trends of summer 2016, thanks also to the choices of Pantone. It will be precisely the pink quartz and its thousand shades - from powder to mauve - and the shades of blue serenity to make it among the glazes of spring summer 2016. But not only that, the ethereal hues that gravitate around the rosy hues and the "cerulean blue, there is also room for more lively but always bon ton colors including yellow, mint green and light blue .

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© Pixel Formula Smalti colors spring summer 2016

And for those who love bolder colors with character? Don't worry, the nail trends 2016 will satisfy you too. Alongside nude and pastel shades, there are also solid certainties that never fade: one above all, red. Intense and sensual, the sexy color par excellence knows no crisis: proposed more in orange and coral versions, the red nail polish remains one of the trendiest nail choices for spring summer 2016.

Silver and blue will also be among the most popular enamel colors of summer 2016: the first chic and effective, the second sober and elegant, the two shades will be destined to embellish outfits and looks with a decisive and refined touch at the time. same.

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And for those who love to dare, nail art 2016 promises to be quite full of news: welcome optical effects and graphic games with interrupted lines as the color block trend or the negative space manicure wants, smile lines and geometric nail art that break the monochrome to favor of daring or sober color matches, according to tastes and moods.

© Pixel Formula Smalti colors spring summer 2016

And if you love color mixes, check out these pop and original versions of multicolor nail art!

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© Pinterest Multicolor nail art: all versions of colored nail polish

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